Amulakh Amichand High School @ Wadala, Mumbai Goes Practical with Solar

We want to provide first-hand knowledge of renewable energy not only to our students, but other schoolchildren too.We are inviting schools to learn about solar panels,” says Dinesh Shah, member of the managing council.

The school were he works –  Amulakh Amichand High School located @ Wadala in Maharashtra generates electricity in its classrooms using solar panels generating about 10kW of power.

This page summarizes the efforts carried out by this school to set up solar panels in their school as well as the awareness that the management is providing to the teachers and students pertaining to renewable energy.

Name of the School – Amulakh Amichand High School
Founded: Mrs UMA Chaudhary(Principal)
Activities: Use of Solar Power
Highlights: Solar panels on the school rooftop set up in collaboration with the Rotary Club of Nuernberg- Reichswald, Germany.
Location – Wadala, Mumbai, State of Maharashtra

Introduction: Amulakh Amichand High School is  located @ Wadala,  a residential central suburb of the city of Mumbai. This sixty-year old school  is one of the only multipurpose schools in Mumbai (combining technical art and commerce) and has received several eminent visits from people like the former Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri, Morarji Desai, V.P Naik & Homi Talyar Khan – Governor of Maharashtra among others.

This school is very popular among the locals for its very encouraging the knowledge of students along with variety of extra curricular activities. It’s not just their co-curricular activities that has made them popular.

Sources reveal that this 60-year-old school had always been very innovative. It offers various activities and optional subjects and  64 hobbies to the 600 students, from kindergarten to S.S.C. who study in the school. Among the activities, students can either choose pottery, drawing, home sciences, creativity or music with traditional and modern instruments as well as a marching band, dance, sports such as basketball, volley ball, cricket.

Solar Panels @ Amulakh Amichand High School, Wadala. Image Courtesy.

45 Solar Panels and 10.5KW solar power boost

Very recently, i.e. during the month of March, this school installed about 45 solar panels with the aid of the Rotary Club of Nuernberg-Reichswald, Germany. The cost of the installation was about 25 lakhs. The solar panels have been fixed at their terrace. These 45 panels generate about 10.5 kW of energy that enables the fans and lights to run in more than 50 classrooms.

Saves about Rs.20-30K per month for electricity

The schools harnesses solar energy to power some of its classrooms. Before the installation of the solar panels, the school used to pay around a lakh of rupees towards electricity charges. Upon installation of these panels, the school expects to save atleast  Rs.20,000 – 30,000 every month.  o further reduce power consumption, the school has switched from CFL to LED lights. The school eventually aims to  reduce power consumption by 40%. as against the 10% of energy savings they have @ present. The school is also carrying our efforts to shift to LED’s so as to reduce the carbon footprint.

Solar Panels Work on Holidays too!

During the times the classrooms are vacant and during times when there are holidays and vacation ,the school plans to divert its power harnessed from the panels to its  gym, hobby classes, offices and canteen etc…

The school has also included  a concept in their curriculum wherein each teacher will take 20 students to the terrace to study the system.

100% Solar in Future

In the future, school authorities want to switch to solar energy completely. The school will study a month’s electricity bill to evaluate solar energy usage and figure out what capacity they need in the future. “We will then slowly increase the solar panel installation. Disconnecting from conventional power is the final aim,” said Chaudhary.

The concept of using photovoltaic cell, for harvesting solar energy was envisaged two years ago by the management.

Rainwater Harvesting for use in Toilets

Apart from using solar panels for power generation @ the campus the School has carried out  a number of efforts in water conservation as well. They have a big water storage tank is kept on the playground to catch rainwater, which is then used in the school toilets.  This was started in 2009.Work is underway to use the water that comes out of the air-conditioners  towards watering plants and for other uses

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