Cauvery Matriculation, Trichy Tackles Power cut through Solar Lamps


  • Trichy experiences eight to eight-and-a half hours power cut everyday hindering the activities of several people living there including the students preparing for their board exams.
  • A school with 700 students and 34 staff, located @ Trichy has henceforth distributed solar lamps to its students specially the ones that are in classes X and XII enabling them to prepare well for their exams amdist the power shut downs.
  • Students can return the lamps after their exams  to school or can keep it to themselves if they pay Rs.3000
  • The school has carried out this green activity with the help of a trust that manages the school.

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Name of the School – Cauvery Matriculation Higher Secondary School
Founder: Reddy Educational Trust
Activities: Distributing Solar Lamps  to the class X and XII students for them to  use  during power shut down and prepare well for their board exams
Location – Tiruchirapalli, State of TamilNadu
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Trichy experiences a eight-hour power cut everyday! 

Tiruchirappalli , also known as Trichy located at the heart of the TamilNadu faces  unpredictable power shutdowns for several hours. Tiruchirapalli  has about  2.7 million people residing there. Sources reveal that of late, power comes and goes without following a definite shutdown schedule. Due to the unpredictable power shut downs, the people of Trichy  are now using stone grinders rather than  electric blenders.

  As of  March2012, Trichy is experiencing a power cut for a total of 8.15 hours a day: three hours in the mornings (9 am to noon) and three hours in the evenings (3 pm to 6 pm) and thrice more for a duration of 45 minutes each, no one knows when!

A all -girls school, Cauvery Matriculation School a school @ Trichy, run by the Reddy Educational Trust having more than 700 students and around 34 staff members suffer power cuts along with the others living here.

Students of Cauvery Matriculation School Participating in a Renewable Energy Mobile Campaign. Source: The Hindu

Solar Lamps for Exam Preparation

In order to assist the students in the exam preparation, especially the ones studying in X and XII the educational trust that runs the school – Reddy Educational Trust has donated solar lamps to about 70 students studying in class X and XII for them to prepare for their board exams. These solar lamps are portable and requires to be charged two-three hours everyday for it to work for 12 hours.  A panel  that can be placed on a terrace and can be connected to the lantern through a wire  which will charge the lamp.

Students of Cauvery Matriculation with their Solar Lamps. Image Courtesy- The Hindu

The cost of these lamps are Rs. 3,000, if the student wishes to have these even after their board exams, they have been asked to pay money to the school to keep it for themselves. Else, they can return it within a week after they complete the board exams. The school has taken an incredible step in helping its students of class X and XII with solar lamps enabling them to study during power cuts. A similar project was carried out in April 2012 by the UNICEF to help students in Jharkand where a similar problem is being faced.

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