Ten Interesting Eco-Friendly Initiatives Taken by Schools in India

This post highlights a few green initiatives that have been taken by some schools across India

  • India’s First Miltary School for Girls – Group Phi, @ Pune, Maharashtra has been built with sustainability as one of the main criteria. The building comes with a gray water recycling system to reuse waste water. Courtyards  of this school are covered with polycarbonate sheets, which protect the corridors from rainfall, and by maximising daylight they also reduce the amount of energy required to illuminate the interiors. Link

  • TVS Academy located @ Hosur  set up by the TVS Corporate Group has set up an 10 acre organic farm in this school.   The parents of the school children studying here can also buy the organic vegetables and fruits from the farm. The school also transfers knowledge by training about 200 farmers in the surrounding villages and advocate organic growing practices in their farms. Some of the farmers trained by the academy are now growing organic vegetables as well.  The academy also assists the farmers in marketing their organic produce to various customers in the region. Link
  • Amulakh Amichand High School @ Wadala, Mumbai have set up solar panels on the school rooftop set up in collaboration with the Rotary Club of Nuernberg- Reichswald, Germany. Earlier, the school use to pay Rs.1 lakh towards the electricity charges. Now, they pay be between Rs.70-80K only. More than 50 classrooms in this school are powered by solar. Link 
  • Druk White Lotus School @ Ladakh near Kashmir uses Solar for water Pumping & electricity.  The school employs many sustainable concept such as solar lighting, , solar power for pumping water, solar heaters etcLink
  • Cauvery Matriculation Higher Secondary School @ Trichy, TamilNadu has tackled the power cuts by distributing 70 solar lamps to Class X and XII students. The students  will return the solar lamps after their board exams or can keep it to themselves if they pay Rs. 3000. Link
  •  Monfort Higher Secondary School @  Yercaud  have set up solar lights  in its campus. Link
  • A government school at Tiruvellari  has been given 100 solar lamps by a philanthropist. Link
  • Patashaala,  located in the outskirts of Chennai  has  dry composting toilets for all the students and visitors of the school. Link
  • Doon School has taken the initiative to start a long-term process towards self-sufficiency in energy, water and organic fertilizer by opting for sustainable sources of energy and recycling waste. The school proposes to install solar thermal systems and biomass gasifiers. Link
  • The buidling of the AmanSetu School in Pune, Maharashtra is made from locally available recycled materials and toxic paints have been avoided. They also teach environmentally friendly practices  for students such as  using eco toilets and community transport. Link

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