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Was reading an old project entry (2006), but still thought it was relevant because it shows the kinds of stuff that can be done by industries to further energy efficiency.

Name of Project “Energy efficiency project at SOTL, Aurangabad” MIDC, Waluj, Maharashtra by M/s Sterlite Optical technologies Limited.

Location of the Project (Village / District / State) Aurangabad” MIDC, Waluj, Maharashtra.

Brief Description of the Project The main purpose of the project is to carryout energy efficiency measures, at all possible consumption points in the optical fiber manufacturing process unit. The proposed project will save 47 GWh electricity using state of art core process and over cladding process (OVD) technology instead of Modified Chemical Vapor Deposition (MCVD) and Sleeving Process, respectively along with implementing few other energy efficiency improvement schemes. The electricity saved will reduce import from grid. The proposed efficiency project is already operative.

Estimate of GHG abatement in tCO2 eq. 219558

Host Country Approval Status Approved

Project Owner / Proponent M/s Sterlite Optical technologies Limited