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Composting! Yes, I’m talking about that messy thing in which we – the world’s most respected sophisticates – are asked to indulge in gooey things like kitchen waste. The world can’t get more infra-dig, can it?

Agreed, composting is not for everyone.

If you are a couch potato who thinks messing around with soil and stuff of that sort is for rustics, well, continue being a couch-based moron and continue shooting those stupid guns in your head at all sorts of imaginary enemies. And get fat like a pig.

But, if you are someone who loves gardening, and have a garden, small balcony or someplace where a good gosh of sunlight falls, you must try out composting.

With the range of composting equipment – especially many of those fancy bins – available today, composting will not only be a relaxing activity, you will gets gobs of satisfaction when you get to use fertiliser made right in your home!

Sure, there’s a bit of learning involved in composting, and yes, in some cases things can get a bit messy. But tell me something in life that’s not absolutely smooth and un-messy!

And if you are one of those persistent jerks who needs to know everything, you might be asking: But how exactly does composting help me save the world?

Well, it is a long story, but I will keep it short.

When you compost, the organic matter degrades into, other than good things like soil nutrients, CO2. Now if you are fuming that CO2 is a greenhouse gas, just imagine how much you will fume if I tell you this: If you don’t compost and your organic waste ends up in a landfill, it undergoes what is called anaerobic digestion and gives out methane.

Gives out methane – pretty much the same stuff that cow farts give out!

So what? Why should you care?

So this, moron: Methane is 25-30 times as powerful a greenhouse gas as CO2. If your waste ends up emitting methane instead of CO2, you are doing the world a lot more harm than if you compost.

I have tried the classical composting, and I can tell you that it is not as easy as it made out to be. But there are much simpler methods to compost with user friendly equipment that pretty much need you to only twist a handle a few minutes a day. The puritans of composting might not want to include you in their league, but you really are a sophisticate, aren’t you – you are way above their league.

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