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I am a jerk.

You most likely are one too.

How the heck am I so sure about you being a jerk? Because, according to some surveys of rather disputable origins, over half the world’s population can be classified as jerks. So, there is a 50% chance you are one too.

But let that not demotivate you – every second person is as bad as you are, if that survey were true.

But even as jerks, we know that we face some serious environmental and consequent societal problems:

  • Global warming and climate change could start putting our planet in a do-or-die situation a few decades from now
  • Land, air & water pollution are killing us
  • Water scarcity is all around us
  • A greedy, overpopulated world is nibbling away at scarce natural resources
  • We are losing many species of plants and animals, perhaps forever
  • Waste and filth are all around us, and they have nowhere to go

Many of us have got sick of reading about these every day – even jerks apparently have a conscience.

But we seem powerless to do anything about it.

Are we, as individuals, really powerless?

Yes and No.

What the heck do I mean by that – it has to be either Yes or No, doesn’t it?

Now don’t be a sod, but just read on:

  • Yes – because almost all the environmental problems are massive problems, which cannot be changed through the actions of an individual or a small group of individuals alone.
  • No – because, while our individual actions might not make a difference in itself, one’s action could lead to action from many others, and this could finally have a positive feedback loop leading to a world far better.

So, am I saying that you can make a difference to this planet by your actions? Sort of, let us say. A better answer is, maybe.

But really, I mean really, no hard promises on this.

None whatsoever. You might do a lot of good things for environment and still end up making little or no difference, because the mindless loafers you call neighbours are wreaking havoc.

So don’t sue me if you go the extra mile for the planet only to see things going more downhill. Just grin and bear it, yeah!

But if at all you still wish to extract a promise from me, here you go – After reading a series of blog posts I plan to do for jerks like you and me, you will realize how some of the ideas are so damn easy that none of us need to sweat it out while attempting them.

After starting off on many of the activities that I will be suggesting in this series of blog posts, even if you do not end up saving the world, you will surely end up in a more satisfied sleep every day.

You will sleep a bit more satisfied sleep – now bozo, don’t you agree that that’s something?

So, this is what I will be doing with my series of blog posts on EAI with the theme Even Jerks can Save the World.

But, first things first.

I am first going to start with the following assumptions, in addition to the assumption that you are a jerk; I am going to assume that you are also:
• Lazy, AND
• Only somewhat literate.

The sustainability ideas, inputs and suggestions I provide in these blog posts can actually be successfully worked on even by even the wretched souls who qualify on the above.

Essentially, I will be undertaking this endeavour assuming the worst of the human species – that the entire world’s population is as lousy a jerk as I am.

I am confident that I can follow and implement most of the stuff that I will be suggesting. So, it follows so can anyone else in the world.

A fair enough assumption?

Now, let’s stop the talk and start the walk. Keep watching out for my blog posts as part of the series Even Jerks can Save the World.

Here are some of them –

=> Pick Your Eco-fights – Be smart while trying to conserve energy, don’t fall for the idealistic BS.

=> And about Bicycling – the humble bicycle can actually make even a jerk like you get a perspective. Who would have thought!

=> Repair & Reuse – are you such a dolt that you will get swayed by a dumb web site to buy stuff you will almost never use?

=> Reusable Plates & Utensils – even an idiot understands the value of things that can be used again and again. What about you?

=> Composting – why would want to do 30x the harm to the planet when composting can limit it to just x?

=> Sustainable Food – would you rather die than eat healthy foods? Then you perhaps deserve to.

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