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Pick Your Eco-fights

First things first.

In life, you would have already figured out that there’s no point trying to pick up a fight about everything.

It is important to pick up the right fights.

It is no different when it comes to being eco-friendly.

It’s a poor idea to be eco-friendly in every possible way. You will soon find your life miserable and give up.

Rather, pick your eco-fights. Don’t care about every damn thing when it comes to conserving energy.

If you give a damn only to those things that really matter, why, you would done a damn good job.

Call it Pareto Principle (20% of causes contribute to 80% of results), Penny-Wise-Pound-Foolish (Don’t count your pennies when you can earn a few pounds during the duration), or Don’t-Lose-the-Woods-for-the-Trees (Get the big picture mate, don’t be pulled down by minor stuff…)…

Essentially, if you are going to sweat it out on saving the planet, might as well sweat it out where it is worth it.

Here are just examples of picking the right eco-fights:

  • Switching off your air conditioner while not needed saves 10 times or more electricity as switching off a light. So, if you wish to be super careful about reducing energy consumption, focus more on air conditioners rather than those measly lights – in fact, if the lights are LED lights, they likely consume only about 1/100th of the energy that an air conditioner consumes for the same amount of time. Hey, go figure.
  • A typical smartphone consumes really very little energy; it requires only about 10000th of the energy that your AC does – really. So, even if you leave your smartphone on all the time, it will consume only as much energy in a year that a dishwasher will consume in just 1 hour! So, if you are just being sensible with your dishwasher every day, you don’t have to simply worry about wasting energy through your mobile phones.

Essentially, focus on the heavy energy guzzlers such as ACs, washing machines, dishwashers, water pumps, toasters, dryers and microwave ovens. These consume 10-20 times more electricity than lights and fans for the same usage duration.

Sure, you don’t have to leave your lights on when they are not needed, but it is pointless if you are careful with the lights but reckless with AC or washing machine use. You then deserve to be called penny-wise-pound-foolish.

To understand the wattages (an estimate of energy consumption) of various equipments, you may want to use the list provided here.

So, pick your eco-fights carefully, mateys. This way, you might make only a few, focussed and easy tweaks to your life, but make a significant difference and go to bed with a lot more satisfaction!

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