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Unless you are a real show off, and fairly dumb at that, why would you want to keep purchasing new things that are not needed? Just because a famous E-commerce portal keeps seducing you to buy more?

Are you such a clown that you will allow a stupid web site to influence you to blow money on unwanted things?

Think mates!

The world will continue to be populated by men and women who are jackasses and wish to show off their newest smartphone with an added colorful button. But you don’t have to join that crowd.

Enjoy life. Be comfortable. Buy stuff that’s good and enriches your life.

But don’t bury yourself in stuff you don’t need. If you don’t die of suffocation from such burial, you will soon do so from credit card debts.

Just imagine what less of your unnecessary consumption could mean – it could mean less waste at landfills, less leaching that spoils groundwater for those near landfills, less plastic that creates less harm to the soil and less electronic waste that has really no place to go anymore!

You don’t even need to be intelligent to avoid this colossal stupidity.

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