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In developed and developing countries, buildings consume about 40% of electricity produced

It hence makes a ton of sense to explore all easy avenues to increase the energy efficiency in buildings.

And thankfully, there is a wide range of cost effective and useful solutions available for the same.

There are two dimensions to achieving significant energy efficiency in buildings:

  • One, to ensure that we use energy efficient equipment
  • Two, ensure that we waste very little of the energy for the equipment we use.

Together, [Energy Efficient Equipment + Energy Efficient Practices], could mean a really big saving on energy for buildings, especially commercial and office buildings.

Of course, as has been mentioned in a few other posts, while exploring ways to make your buildings efficient, focus on the big energy guzzlers such as:

  • AC
  • Dryers
  • Washing Machines
  • Water & Room Heaters

Because it is always useful to remember the Pareto Principle, also known in its 80:20 Rule avatar. 80% of results come from 20% of the total activities. 80% of energy savings in buildings too come from 20% of devices!

Today, a range of IT-based analytics solutions are available for building owners keen on getting the intelligence to follow energy efficient practices. If you are running a reasonably large office space consuming significant amount of energy, you can also consider the use of building energy analytics solutions to understand your consumption patterns and savings potential much better, and take appropriate decisions.

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