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Having our car or motorbike tyres at the right point can make our rides more comfortable as well as ensure we are not wasting more fuel than is needed.

The trick to ensure your tyre pressure is correct is to make it a routine to check the pressure – after all, all it takes is less than 5 minutes!

What more could be easier than checking tyre pressure before you start your motorbike! But you will be surprised that a good number of people do not do that.

And how much do you think this alone costs the environment?

A heck of a lot.

Besides making your ride uncomfortable and sometimes even leading to accidents.

So, how can one ensure that they regularly check tyre pressure?

Just make it into a routine – and into a habit. Anything you do for about 20 days at a stretch becomes a habit, and this is all you need to do to ensure you check the tyre pressure too

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