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One of the smartest ways you can make a difference to the environment and sustainability is by learning more and become more aware.

Today, learning about anything seems to be really easy, doesn’t it.

With the wide wide web right in front of us, wherever we are, we can access any inform and knowledge at the click of a button.

So it seems.

But in practice, only a small percentage of people actually use the web to become aware of and sensitised to the various environmental challenges and the solutions available.

Why such a gap, given that there is significant interest even among jerks to know more about the environment and how they can contribute to making a difference?

One of the reasons of course is the age-old difference between intentions and actions. Most of us talk a lot, but walk little.

But the plethora of information right in front of us also means it is not easy for one to identify which of these information sources is authentic.

And where there’s authentic information and knowledge sources, in most cases these are not presented in a way that is easy enough for the common man and woman to read and understand.

But this does not mean there are no authentic resources that are easy to learn from.

All you need to do is to take some time off to Google and you will find some really great web resources on a wide variety of environmental topics. Many of these also suggest simple ideas and examples of solutions that the ordinary you and me can start using right away.


Some of the avenues available online by which you can learn about and get trained on cleantech are:

  • Videos from YouTube
  • MOOC-based learning courses on platforms such as Coursera
  • Books – lots and lots of great books
  • Experts & geeks – you can find excellent communities populated by experts. In addition, the web can also help you identify local experts who can both train you as well as assist you in the implementation of a variety of cleantech and sustainability solutions.


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