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Dryers and washing machines are some of the worst energy guzzlers.

A dryer could have a power rating as high as 3 kW. This means that an hour you run the dryer is equivalent to using 30 LED bulbs of 10 W rating for 10 hours a day – essentially the daily entire lighting requirements of 4-5 houses.

It makes a heck of a lot of sense for you to spend time to figure out how to minimize their use.

Not only does this save you a packet, it does the world a good lot of good.

A pretty good lot of good.

Read on.

Just by being careful and smart, we can easily do with less energy consumption for our dryers and washing machines.

Just imagine:

If each household reduces the use of dryer and washing machine each by about 15 minutes every day, that would be about 2 kWh savings per household. If 500 million households worldwide could accomplish this reduction, that would be about 1 billion kWh reduced per day, or about 400 billion kWh reduced per year.

The world consumes a total of about 20000 billion kWh of electricity every year.

The above actions on dryers and washing machines alone would cut down the world’s electricity consumption by about 2%.

Electricity generation contributes about 40% of total CO2 emissions. Thus, the world using washers and dryers a bit more efficiently alone would reduce 0.8% CO2 emissions annually.

Not a bad feat, really.

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