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E-waste management is an important part of environment management today, given the amount of electronic waste the world (especially developed and developing countries) generate.

When I mention this to many of my friends, they are all keen to ensure that their e-Waste does not end up harming the environment. Good folks indeed, my friends.

But they are not sure what they should do to ensure this does not happen. Their question is: What do I do about my E-waste once it leaves my house? I have no control over it!

Well, the answer to the above dilemma is simple.

As an individual entity, the key task for you would be to identify the offtaker who will pick up the ewaste. The rest will be done by the offtaker.

For residences, the smartest is to ensure that they do not throw these into the same bin as the rest of junk and deposit it separately so segregation becomes easier; this is especially important for smaller parts like batteries.

Once you have segregated your e-waste, locate a company that deals specifically with e-waste in your city (simple Googling should get you enough of these) and call them over to pick them up. If you are lucky, the company might even pay you for the “waste” that you provide them.

In order to do this, please understand what E-waste means. What is indeed e-waste? Waste generated from the disposal of:

  • Computers
  • Batteries
  • Smartphones
  • Cameras
  • Digital watches
  • Tape recorders
  • iPods

For businesses, in most parts of the world, there’s a reasonably organized E-waste recyclers/management company sector available. So, identify these companies and just ensure they pick up your e-waste.

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