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As you would have probably read somewhere, Energy Efficiency is the best source of sustainable energy, far superior than solar energy, wind energy or any other sustainable energy source.


The reason is obvious – what better than using something without wasting than generating more of it, whatever be the source!

While many people – both from the residential and commercial/industrial sectors – fret about the poor payback periods for many renewable and sustainable energy investments, I can tell you that investing in energy efficiency provides you with some very attractive paybacks – in many cases a year or less. That is, you can recover the money you have invested from the savings within a year of installation. Now, that’s something, isn’t it?

While it might have been a bit of challenge earlier to identify energy efficiency equipment for all sorts of appliances, that is no longer the case any more.

With Energy Star and its equivalents available in many parts of the world today, purchasing energy efficient home appliances is far easier today than it was earlier.

And the prices for many energy efficient appliances are fast coming down. A 60 W equivalent LED bulb cost abut $50 in 2010 in the US; its price was only about $10 by 2015, and it had come down to about $5 by 2018. That’s a 90% decrease between 2010 and 2018. (See link for these stats)

So, the next time you wish to purchase a new electrical equipment, make sure you purchase the one that is energy efficient and carries a certification/proof for this.

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