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Want to go real light on natural resources?

This really is not as difficult as you think it is!

It is fairly obvious to anyone who spares a moment of thought that using fewer things for achieving the same lifestyle comforts mean using fewer natural resources utilized, lesser energy consumed and less waste generated. Besides of course making a positive impact on your purse.

It thus is indeed a useful idea to put down a list of activities in which you could optimize resource utilization.

Of course, this is pretty much the concept of 3Rs of environment – Reduce, Reuse & Recycle. (And I am told there’s a fourth – Refuse)

Here’s a simple list I provide – read it and tell me what stops everyone of us practising most, if not all, the ideas!

  • BYOB – Bring Your Own Bag – what could be more easy than taking your own bag while you wish to purchase regular items such as grocery, medicine and other retail items!
  • For parties, if you are looking for disposable foodware, try bio-based (not bioplastic) foodware that are made from bagasse, arecanut leaves, rice husk etc. These cost a bit more than plastic disposables (10-30% higher), but not as much as bioplastics.
  • Reduce printing on paper where not needed
  • Unless you are working in select sectors, or living in select regions of the world, you can possibly wear the same cloth twice before washing it. Given that there are folks who do not wash their jeans for weeks together, making do with the same cloth for 2 days instead of one, especially if there’s no soiling, is a really habit indeed.
  • Reusable water bottles – given the massive environmental challenge posed by use-and-throw plastic water bottles, by carrying your own water bottle that can be used and used again, you could be indeed doing your bit for the planet over a few years.
  • When you shop, shop differently. Look for things that will last – things that are not just durable and well-made, but useful and beautiful enough to please you for a long time.
  • Store extra food for the next day instead of throwing it away. I know this appears a bit out of sync with time in the age of instant food delivery through e-commerce portals, but surely these two can co-exist!

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