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I wouldn’t trust adults on their ability to change themselves fast.

Mos adults are, frankly, irreparable. Sure, some of us try and change ourselves; a few among us, superstars, are able to transform themselves even when they are 40 or 50 years old. But most adults just continue who they are.

Sure, we can follow many of the easy ideas shared in places like these; sure, we can make some difference. But whether we adults, with our current perspectives and practices can make a big enough difference to reduce the vast environmental harm we are producing is doubtful.

But I will tell you about critters who can make a real difference.


Yes, the Kids!

When you look at the kids, you are looking at a clean slate.

Their brains can yet be wired differently. Their minds can yet be moulded differently. They can be programmed to do things in a more clean and sustainable manner.

Who knows, if the moulding and wiring happen in such a way that they can design, process and do things very differently from the way adults can, it can be world changing.


Spend some time every week telling the kids about environment and sustainability.

Kids, once they get convinced, develop it into a habit. And they talk and convince their friends to do it. Pretty soon, every kid in the town is doing it.

Of course, as every parent knows, it is not always easy to make kids sit next to you and listen to, especially if you happen to be their parent!

The challenge is hence to figure out ways by which we are able to imbibe in children concepts of sustainability in a way that is fun to them.

Fun does not mean games and other song&dance.

Fun could also be interesting videos, interactive content such as quizzes and entertaining stories.

All these are available all over the web. For free.

All that’s needed is a bit of attitude and a consequent motivation.

Start getting kids become aware of and involved in sustainable activities. You will find this a truly enriching, rewarding and satisfying work.

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