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We are not aristocrats. Or the pope. To use things or wear things just once and throw them away.

Reuse stuff to the extent possible.

Better for your environment. Even better for your pocket.

Wear stuff many, many times before you throw it into the dustbin. Use stuff many, many times before it too reaches the dustbin.

Sure, this may not be the stuff Amazon or Taobao or Flipkart might be telling you. They might want you to think that your life was not worth it if you did not buy the latest stuff – the latest iPhone, the latest shoes, the latest bag.

Sure, enjoy. Make your life worthwhile.

But surely you can enjoy responsibly?

Astonishingly, and sadly, a large proportion of things that reach the landfill could have been used for a much longer time, and many more times, by the original user.

Now, you might say that these will anyway be recycled.

Yes, and no. In many countries, 80% of items buried in landfills could be recycled! Recycling has a long way to go.

And that is why, for now, recycling is a good option, but only after reuse. Besides, recycling still requires energy and resources. While this is less than what it would have required were the item made from scratch, it is a a lot more than what is needed if the product is reused more times – for which no energy is needed!

Over-buying leads to clutter in your house. It does in my house. It does in my friends’ and relatives’ houses.

Unless you house follows different laws of physics and materials, it will clutter your house too.

Reuse stuff. Buy a bit less.

Go to bed a more satisfied man or woman.

And thank me for saving you a packet.

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