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Almost everyone knows about solar water heaters, but sadly, only a small proportion of those who know actually use solar water heaters.

A lot many more can use and benefit from this simple, but very useful device.

If you live in countries with a decent amount of sunshine in winter too, and good sunshine in summer, solar water heaters are an excellent bet. They provide you the comfort that the electric water heaters provide, along with a payback period of about 4-5 years. That is, you will recover your upfront investment in 4-5 years through savings you make from not having to use other fuels or electricity for water heating. Which means, after the 4-5 years, the hot water you get is thus essentially free for the rest of the solar water heater lifetime!

Your life continues as it has always – because solar water heaters have no moving parts, it requires little or no maintenance.

All you need is a vacant rooftop – and you can have a solar water heater installed.

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