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Packaging revolution is one phenomenon that has made some really dramatic difference to all our lives.

Imagine how miserable we would be without packaging of all sorts.

But such packaging comfort has come with its own ills.

Firstly, a large proportion of our packaging is disposable in nature, and all these packaging significantly increase the waste pollution. Now, if only the harm could stop here!

As most of our disposable packaging waste are made from plastics, not only are we generating significant amounts of waste, this waste will linger on for a long, long time – on land, in landfills, in the oceans and rivers, in agricultural soils, polluting many sensitive parts of our ecosystem for a long, long time to come.

Now how can you and I be more sustainable in our packaging while at the same time not losing our comfort?

Any efforts towards sustainable packaging hence needs to not only reduce the amount of waste we generate from packaging, but also use different, more biodegradable materials for whatever packaging we indeed continue to use.

Simple – there are a number of ways in which you can dramatically reduce your packaging footprint

Sustainable packaging can take different forms:

  • Doing with less packaging
  • Doing with packaging the material of which can be reused multiple times
  • Doing with packaging materials that are eco friendly


Some quick ideas:

  • User natural material for those products that can easily be packaged in these
  • If you purchase a good amount of products packed in plastics, perhaps you can try to reuse these to the the extent possible.
  • BYOB
  • Purchase a nice metal water bottle – there are some really groovy water bottles available – and then carry it with you to while you travel. While you might not completely do away with plastic bottled water, where clean water is available (airports, theaters, parks etc), you can fill in the water bottles with clean water. It is quite easy to cut down the amount of plastic bottle use by just this method alone.

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