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Sure, there are all kinds of rumours about all kinds of things, including about stuff around you that’s poison.

I have heard many times that all plastics are toxic. I have been told even by well educated folks that if I kept drinking from a plastic bottle, there is a high chance I will get cancer.

But when I did independent research and spoke to many objective scientists, I found that, for most plastics, there’s little or no evidence that they contain toxins beyond the hazardous threshold. This does not exonerate plastics from toxicity, all it says that scientists have not found any evidence yet that use of most plastics can cause cancer.

So there’s surely fear mongering going on, by vested interests.

But that does not absolve all the plastics and other chemicals you use.

There are fairly authentic & genuine facts and studies that have proven the toxicity and other harmful effects in a whole range of household chemicals that we use every day.

A range of house cleaning chemicals could contain especially harmful materials.

The jury is still out on whether mosquito repellers are safe for humans or whether could harm humans along with the mosquitoes!

There are many more examples of commonly used daily chemicals that are quite toxic.

Don’t believe me?

Sure, go ahead. When you will you believe me? When you are just about dying?

Replacing at least select chemical items at home with natural and safe stuff is a great way to protect ourselves – even if you do not care two hoots for the environment!

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