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Smart homes.

Smartphone apps and alerts.


What have all the above got to do with saving the world?

A lot, it appears.

It has been pointed out any number of times that the smartest way to use less energy is not to forgo our comforts, but to ensure that we do not waste any energy unnecessarily.

Essentially, if we ensure that we are efficient in the use of energy, we can derive the same comforts and have the same lifestyle but by consuming far less energy.

One avenue that can be a critical driver for energy efficiency is intelligence – intelligence on when and how to optimize energy use.

This is where IT, IoT and distributed devices such as smartphones come in.

Because through a combination of the above, we can easily and efficiently manage our home energy consumption.

Essentially, through a combination of sensors, software and the Internet, you can control and manage your energy equipments in your home from wherever you are.

So, if you are in your room and wish to dim the light in your child’s room for 30 minutes, you can do so without getting out of your bed or chair.

While the amount of energy you save from the above example perhaps is quite small, you can easily visualize how you can extend this concept to save orders of magnitude higher energy from other processes.

So, what exactly are you waiting for?

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