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Water recycling, while a useful idea for both residences and industries, is a far more powerful and useful idea for commercial entities and industrial complexes that use enormous amounts of water.

In fact, in many countries, today recycling of water is mandatory for many commercial and factory establishments.

That does not mean that individual residences cannot try this.

The simplest form of water recycling is to purify the water going out of the various utilities of your house in step 1, and then reusing the purified water in step 2.

This process in fact has a name – it is called Gray Water Recycling. This is the generic term given to water from showers, bathtubs, laundry and bathroom sinks in your home. Properly treated this water can now be recycled and reused for landscape irrigation and flushing toilets. There are many good and simple technology solutions available that help you turn this wasted precious natural resource into a perfect renewed source.

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