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India’s First Solar Powered ATM from IndusIndBank, Mumbai

 At IndusInd, we believe that corporate success is intrinsically linked with the  environment. Subjects like sustainable development, social responsibility and climate change are fast  becoming part of the corporate vocabulary and IndusInd is at the forefront of this change in the Indian  banking sector. ‘Green Banking’ is our mission today and we have diligently worked towards spreading the word in our office corridors and in the corridors of finance.” Ramesh Sobti, CEO &MD, IndusInd Bank.

Name of the Corporate: IndusInd Bank
Founded in : 1994
Activities: Solar Powered ATM’s
Headquatered: Mumbai, State of Maharashtra, India

Though many private banks are now coming forward to set up solar powered ATM’s, the IndusInd Bank Limited has the privilege of being the first private bank in India for having set up the first- solar powered ATM in 2009.

 The bank has installed a solar powered Automated Teller Machine (ATM) at a place called Lamington Road @ Mumbai. The solar panels are spread on a roof top of a four -storey building .

The solar ATM was installed by  Autonic Energy Systems, based out of Mumbai and the panels used in this system have been manufactured by SHARP of Japan

The  ATM is supported by two solar panels containing a controller that feeds the system as well as the charge the batteries. There is a meter behind the ATM that measures the solar  powered consumed. Sources reveal that the system will save 1980 kW hrs every year.

Solar Powered ATM @ Mumbai set up by IndusInd Bank . Image Courtesy- IndusbankInd and Autonic Energy


Working of the Solar ATM- IndusInd Bank; Image Courtesy – Autonic Energy

IndusInd bank has invested Rs.7 lakhs for setting up the solar ATM as against Rs.5 lakhs for a standard ATM. However, this system has enabled the bank to save the electricity costs by Rs. 20,000 a year.

The IndusInd Bank also has plans to convert all its current ATM’s to ATM’s powered by solar. IndusInd Bank also has a comprehensive plan to reduce its carbon footprint.

Some of the other green initiatives taken up by the bank include thin computing, e-archiving, e-learning, e-waste management, paperless fax, energy conservation, CNG cars and also supporting finance programs with incentives to go green.


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  1. Madhusudan Palnitkar September 18, 2012

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  2. veruthek September 22, 2012

    Cool…. visit


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