Analysis of opportunities in the wind power value chain

wind power value chain

With a total installed capacity close to 15 GW (fifth largest worldwide), constituting over 75% of the total installed renewable energy capacity in the country, and with almost 3000 MW being added each year, the growth of wind power in India has been very encouraging.

What makes the wind sector in India even more promising is the fact that the manufacturing ecosystem for wind is growing strong and steady too. Except for a couple, every one of the top ten wind turbine manufacturers in the world already has a manufacturing base in India. In parallel, the procurement of components for wind turbine manufacturing from indigenous sources has been growing as well.

This paper evaluates the opportunities along the entire wind energy value chain, with a special focus on opportunities in manufacturing.

Aside from providing key highlights about the various happenings in the wind power development sector, this whitepaper provides inputs on the various options available in the wind energy outside of just power production including

    Manufacturing options available all along the value chain including

    • Raw materials and machinery supply such as steel, cast, fiberglass, aluminium, copper etc
    • Component manufacturing such as blades, drive trains, gearbox, bearings, hub and shaft
    • Turbine manufacturing and assembly

    In addition to the manufacturing options, other business opportunities available in the services and support domain (with specific focus on wind energy) have also been discussed. This includes

    • Feasibility studies and project development
    • Geotechnical services
    • Logistics support for wind farm
    • Construction opportunities
    • Operations and maintenance
    • Unique opportunities such as offshore solutions
    • Insurance
    • R&D etc.

    The Whitepaper can be downloaded here: Analysis of opportunities in the wind power value chain

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