PV Savvy - Knowing the Key Characteristics of Solar PV Value Chain


As a renewable energy source, solar energy presents an exciting opportunity for India. While the current contribution of solar energy to the total India's energy needs is insignificant, in the medium and long run, it is expected that solar energy, especially solar PV will form a vital component of the country's energy mix.

For India, the National Solar Mission and its incentives provide an additional reason for entrepreneurs and investors to explore this industry. The convergence of decrease in capital costs, increase in efficiency and significant financial support by the government is likely to result in a wide range of attractive business opportunities along the entire solar energy value chain in India.

While solar power production is the final benefit derived from solar PV, an entire ecosystem is evolving around this end “product”, and this ecosystem will result in a range of opportunities for a number of industries, businesses and entrepreneurs. This white paper titled Not Just Power provides inputs and insights on the diverse opportunities available in the Solar PV industry.

This white paper was developed in order to highlight the diverse opportunities available for entrepreneurs and businesses in the solar PV industry. The following are the key inferences from the analysis done in this whitepaper:

  • Solar PV power production represents the most prominent opportunity segment. But while the grid connected power production is in the limelight most times, attractive opportunities are emerging for entrepreneurs in the off-grid segment as well
  • Some emerging models in solar power production could considerably reduce the risk of adoption and be a win-win for all parties involved.
  • Significant opportunities exist beyond power production, in which companies in all sectors – manufacturing, trading and services – could play a role.
  • Opportunities along the solar PV value chain exist for all sizes of businesses – small, medium and large.
  • Specific industries that could benefit from these diverse opportunities include electrical, chemical, software, construction/EPC service providers with

The Whitepaper can be downloaded from here :PV Savvy - Knowing the Key Characteristics of Solar PV Value Chain

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