Project Prefeasibility Report for India Renewable Energy Sources

EAI can assist your company in developing a technical and economic prefeasibility report for all primary renewable energy sources.

For those exploring investing in renewable energy, it is imperative that they develop a prefeasibility report for their efforts. A prefeasibility report will provide a broad overview of the economic and technical feasibility of the proposed project. Such a prefeasibility report might also be required by your banks or other investors before they decide to provide financing for a full feasibility report.

What is a Prefeasibility Report?

A prefeasibility report is a document that provides preliminary inerences on the technical and economic feasibility of a project. Rather than conduct detailed technical and economic studies, prefeasibility research does a first level evaluation of a project, using the most important evaluation parameters. Prefeasibility reports are useful because they provide a first-level inference at low cost and within a short duration. On the other hand, detailed feasibility studies take much longer and take many months for completion.

Typically, companies exploring large projects conduct prefeasibility research first and decide on a full feasibility study later, based on the inferences of the prefeasibility report.

A prefeasibility report comprises the following:

EAI can assist you with the prefeasibility report preparation for the following renewable energy sources:

Our prefeasibility reports can be developed within a short timeframe because of our existing knowledge of all the above domains.

EAI Consulting Team

The Research & Consulting Team at Energy Alternatives India comprises professionals from reputed universities such as the IITs and IIMs who have considerable experience in and acquaintance with the Indian renewable energy sector.

The EAI team has undertaken a number of research and consulting assignments spanning the entire spectrum of renewable energy sources.

The EAI Expertise

The EAI team has a dedicated focus on the Indian alternative and renewable energy industry. This focus, combined with its experienced team of professionals makes EAI an ideal partner to help your company in benefiting from the opportunities in this industry.

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