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Energy | Environment | Sustainability

Market Researchers, Sustainability Analysts, Business Analysts

Looking for a career that can make a REAL difference to the world and to you?

EAI offers, for youngsters and professionals, exciting career opportunities in world-changing domains:

  • Clean Energy & Cleantech Research for Energy Sector Freshers & Professionals,
  • Marketing & Business Research in High Growth Opportunities for Ambitious, Fresh MBAs, and
  • Exciting Web & Mobile Apps for Fresh and Experienced Software Professionals
"Become the change you want to see in the world"

'Do you want to spend the rest of your life selling sugared water or do you want a chance to change the world?'

The field of renewable energy today is at the stage where the computer industry was in the early 1970s, and the Internet industry in the early 1990s. The opportunities to innovate, lead and make a significant difference are immense for both individuals and businesses. Renewable energy, along with the related fields of cleantech and sustainability, has the potential to make an even bigger difference to the world than had the computers and Internet.

As in other parts of the world, the renewable energy/cleantech movement is growing at a rapid pace in India as well. EAI, an early mover in this field, is uniquely poised to make a significant contribution. Our consulting and research practices provide us with an exciting opportunity to be an important catalyst for this industry, and make a real difference to the economy and society. Making such a difference requires passionate and dedicated individuals to become a part of our team.

And this is where you come in.

Specifically, we have openings in renewable energy consulting, business/industry research, marketing/sales, product management and web/mobile tech. We also would like to talk to folks who are keen on building new businesses from scratch.

Typical backgrounds of folks who work with us are renewable energy/power, engineering, biotechnology, management (marketing & strategy), and of course tech geeks. But that's only an indication - your educational background matters much less than the passion you have to work in the world-changing domains we work in.

If you are keen that your everyday work makes a real difference to you and to the world around you, you should be talking to us!

EAI is Looking for People for the Following Roles:

Clean Energy & Environment Market Research & Strategy Consulting - 2019

EAI is looking for permanent positions/interns for our consulting/research division - we are working on some exciting assignments in the domains of solar, electric vehicles, sustainable energy for industries, bioplastics, bio-energy and other innovatie cleantech and clean energy domains. For these, we would like to have those with an engineering background (including biotech), with excellent academic performance. Those with Masters in energy/renewable energy will find these roles a great way to start their career in their chosen field. Freshers with excellent academic credentials and a passion for renewable energy/cleantech can also apply for these internships.

Why should you be apply ?

The following are the benefits of working at EAI

  • You will be given opportunities to develop and implement strategies as a part of international assignments, thereby providing them exposure to highly reputed and acclaimed global organisations.
  • EAI provides a platform for employees to have first-level interactions with the biggest names in the clean energy, sustainability & environment industry during the course of live-projects handled by it.
  • In-depth understanding of the energy sector through renewable energy projects involving financial feasibility analysis, market potential sizing and technical assessment.
  • Hands-on experience acquired through field-trips.

Who can apply ?

We are looking for Engineering graduates (UG/PG) or MBAs with the following skills:

  • Keen Interest in renewable energy & cleantech
  • Ability to read & distill diverse data and information
  • Good analytical and reasoning abilities
  • Good English writing skills
  • Willingness to travel inter-state

Roles and responsibilities

  • Collect data on consumers, competitors and market place and consolidate information into actionable items, reports, and presentations
  • Understand business objective and conduct primary & secondary research to discover the market potential
  • Interpret data, formulate reports and make recommendations

How can you apply?

If interested, send in your profile to with position's name(Intern or Associate) in the subject and with a brief note on the last book you read and why you liked or disliked it.

Note: Location will only be at Chennai


Sustainability Research - 2019

EAI is looking for passionate young graduate who is passionate about Clean Energy, Environment and Sustainability.


  • Bachelors or Masters in Humanities, Sciences or Social Sciences
  • Excellent English reading and writing communication skills. We are looking for voracious readers who also like to write about what they read!
  • Keen interest in Clean Energy, Environment and Sustainability.
  • If you are a fresher/youngster with an engineering degree (or any other degree for that matter) but satisfy points 2 & 3, you are welcome to apply too

How can you apply?

Interested candidates can send in your resume to with the subject "Sustainability Research Intern" or "Sustainability Research Associate", along with a brief covering letter on why you feel we should consider you for this position.

Note: Location will only be at Chennai

MBA Marketing Freshers for Business Research Analysts

For its market research and market development studies in diverse energy and cleantech sectors, EAI is looking for MBAs who just graduated or those with just a few years of experience to join our business research team as interns or in full-time positions.

As Business Analysts, you will be involved in intensive market and business research assignments that involve market potential assessment for new products/solutions, market entry strategies and in select cases, product development strategies for innovative products.

Why should you be a business research analyst at EAI?

The following are the benefits of working at EAI:

  • Work on a variety of business dimensions within cleantech, renewable energy and also other growth sectors in India, thereby providing them early exposure to high quality insights and strategic aspects of business.
  • EAI's Business Research work provides a platform to obtain intimate knowledge of attractive, emerging sectors within cleantech and in emerging domains.
  • At EAI, you shall have a high learning on how to use useful business analytical tools and strategic business models to evaluate attractive growth businesses.

Who can apply ?

We are looking for candidates with MBA background with the following additional skills/interests:

  • Passion to understand market and business strategies
  • Excellent analytical abilities for understanding and evaluating market and business related aspects
  • Aptitude for reading and synthesising large amounts of diverse business data
  • Good English writing and business communication skills
  • Willingness to travel all over India

How can you apply?

If interested, send in your resume to with subject 'Business Research Analyst @ EAI' with a brief note on the last book you liked and why you liked it.

Web Developer

EAI is looking for a Web Developer who is passionate about web technologies and has experience in HTML, CSS, PHP, jQuery, AJAX, Wordpress and MySQL.


  • Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, or related field
  • Proficient with Web technologies
  • Expertise in HTML, CSS, PHP, jQuery, AJAX, Wordpress and MySQL
  • Knowledge in CodeIgniter/any other php framework
  • Strong background in data structures, algorithm design, problem solving, and complexity analysis

How can you apply?

Interested candidates can send their resume to with the subject "Web Developer".

Note: Location will only be at Chennai

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