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The Value Proposition

Solar Mango, a division of EAI, offers a focused consulting offering for the top management of Indian companies keen on tapping into opportunities offered by the fast growing Indian solar energy sector.

The Research & Consulting Team at Solar Mango comprises professionals from reputed institutions such as the IITs and IIMs, and who have considerable acquaintance with the Indian solar energy sector.

Who can benefit from this offering?

If your company is keen on having a business diversification/entry into the Indian solar energy market, Solar Mango’s strategic assistance will be critical for your company in designing a powerful roadmap.

Our consulting services are a rich combination of insights and actionables, and are directed towards companies’ top management

Our consulting assistance will be of specific value to any medium and large business keen on venturing into the solar energy sector in India – which are typically from sectors such as engineering & manufacturing, infrastructure, power & energy, metals & minerals, electrical & electronics, batteries and energy storage.


Specific Categories of Assistance

The Indian solar energy sectors (both solar power and solar thermal) have been witnessing furious growth in the past few years, and this growth appears set to continue in future. Such growth possibilities offer attractive business opportunities for a range of Indian businesses.

At the same time, challenges from global competition, falling margins and uncertain policy and regulatory regimes are making top management of many large industrial groups hesitant before betting big on solar.

Our consulting assistance, targeted at the top management of medium and large Indian companies keen on going solar, provides clarity, recommendations and other forms of tangible solutions that enable corporates to take appropriate decisions and take concrete steps in moving forward.

Building a Solar Energy Roadmap for Your Company in 2024

India’s solar energy sector, especially solar PV-based power generation, has seen tremendous growth since 2010, with a significant boost post-2015. As of June 2024, India's total solar power installed capacity stands at over 80 GW (80,000 MW), firmly establishing the country as a global leader in solar energy. With the target of achieving 500 GW by 2030, India continues to push the boundaries in renewable energy - with a current annual business opportunity worth Rs 52,500 crore (USD 7 billion).

Investing in India's solar energy sector offers substantial business opportunities backed by supportive government policies and strong market dynamics. Government initiatives such as the Production-Linked Incentive (PLI) scheme aim to boost domestic manufacturing capacity, enhancing investment prospects by allocating substantial funds to support high-efficiency solar PV modules. Additionally, the Solar Park Scheme, which aims to establish 50 solar parks with a cumulative capacity of about 38 GW by 2025-26, further stimulates investment opportunities.

At the same time, investing in India's solar power sector in 2024 faces significant challenges. Land acquisition issues and regulatory hurdles can delay projects by 12-24 months. Integrating large capacities of solar power into the grid requires substantial infrastructure upgrades. Financing remains tough, with project costs at Rs 3500 crore per GW. Ensuring local manufacturing quality and addressing environmental concerns are crucial for sustainable development.

Therefore, industries and businesses keen on investing in the Indian solar power segment face a mix of opportunities and challenges. What should a medium or large Indian business with a keen interest in this segment do? How should they strategize their entry into this intriguing sector?

This is where EAI, with its in-depth understanding of the solar power market and its dynamics, can be of immense help to your company. We can assist you in charting out an effective strategic solar energy business roadmap for your company.

EAI can assist you in assimilating all of these elements to provide your top management with a strategy that is optimised for your firm’s strengths, vision, and aspirations.

A Glance at the Solar PV Value Chain

Solar PV has a fairly interesting value chain, let’s have a quick look at it


Power Plant

Solar Power Plant Developer


Solar Mango’s strategic consulting services can benefit your company through one or more of the following avenues.


JVs &Partnerships - Assistance in identifying business or technology partners for joint venture, technology licensing and more. This can be for any part of the solar value chain.This offering will be specifically valuable for international companies in solar energy.


Identifying Opportunities around Key Innovations - Focussed research assistance that enables your company to identify attractive and innovative opportunities, as well as identifying and analyzing companies that are attractive for investments or acquisitions.



Strategic Analysis of sector - Analysis of the overall solar energy sector - or sub-sectors such as solar PV power plant development, solar PV cell, panel or component manufacturing, solar power EPC, or solar thermal solutions - on key dimensions to provide the BIG picture for the top management

Market Potential Analysis - Detailed analysis of a specific vertical within solar energy/solar power on market dimensions such as Supply-demand, Market Potential, Competitors, Industry Characteristics and more…

Value Chain/Supply Chain Analysis - A comprehensive supply chain analysis for specific solar energy vertical in order to identify both opportunities and constraints for growth


Identifying Talent - With our extensive network and connections in the Indian solar PV and solar thermal sectors, we can assist in identifying top management or technical talent (CEO, CTO, COO…) for recruitment in specialized domains within solar energy.


Due Diligence - For companies looking at investing in / acquiring specific assets of companies in the solar energy sector, we can provide due diligence on product/market or business. This will be done using our knowledge of the solar energy business and where necessary, with assistance from our wide network of industry technical partners

Consulting assistance we have provided in solar energy

Why is Solar Mango’s Strategic Assistance Unique?

We provide value that is a combination of strategy and action. We bring forth a combination of insights, actionable recommendations and go-to-market assistance, made possible because of our firm’s marketing orientation and our wide network of contacts in the Indian solar energy and cleantech industries.

Expertise in Not Just Solar, but the Extended Clean Energy Ecosystem - Our team has undertaken a number of research and consulting assignments in many domains related to solar energy (wind, biomass energy, biofuels, distributed energy, electric mobility).

Value for Money - We cost a fraction of what the top tier management consulting charge you for similar value!

Sectors in Solar Energy for which we can provide consulting assistance

Solar PV Value Chain Structure of Incumbents along the Value Chain


  • Solar Cell Manufacturing
  • Solar Module Assembly
  • Solar Inverters
  • Solar Mounting Structure
  • Solar Trackers
  • Solar PV Monitoring Systems


  • Solar EPC
  • Solar O&M

Power Plant

  • Solar Power Plant Developer
  • Solar EPC – A lightweight, pure-play EPC
  • Solar EPC + Solar O&M
  • Solar Power Plant Developer – Pure-play IPPs (independent power producers)
  • Solar Module
  • Solar Cell + Solar Module
  • Solar Cell + Solar Module + Solar EPC + Solar O&M
  • Solar Cell + Solar Module + Solar EPC + Solar O&M + Solar Power Plant Developer – A highly integrated solar power firm

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