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Will you get your heart operated by a general physician?

Hiring the right top management for your renewable energy firm can make all the difference to the future of your firm.

Take assistance from India’s top renewable energy consulting for your top level recruitments.

Talk to EAI TopHiRE today.

The Indian Government has set an ambitious target of 175 GW of Renewable Energy Installed by

2022 (from about 40 GW as of mid-2016). This implies an investment of about $150 billion and creation of over 10 lac jobs in the next 6 years.

With such a large amount of investments and market building, there will be a number of top management and leadership career opportunities emerging during this period.

As the Indian RE and cleantech industry enters the next orbit of growth, there is a growing need for companies to recruit high quality talent for their top management roles. The lack of experienced top management professionals with excellent domain knowledge could slow down and affect an RE organization’s goals to achieve their ambitious goals.

To enable top companies in the Indian RE sector recruit high quality and experienced professionals to drive their strategy and growth, EAI has created an exclusive division for top management recruitment for the renewable energy and clean technology sectors – EAI TopHire.

Who will EAI TopHiRE benefit?


Renewable energy (Solar, Wind, Biomass energy) companies in related cleantech sectors keen on hiring the best for their top management and leadership positions.


Senior experienced management professionals looking for a top management career opening in renewable energy – Solar, Wind, Biomass or any other clean technology domain

Verticals for which EAI TopHiRE can Assist in Recruitment

Senior and top management for:

Technology & design
  • VP – Engineering
  • Head – Design
  • Design Senior Technical Manager
  • Senior Design Engineer

 Projects & Operations

  • VP – Projects
  • Senior Manager – Projects & Operations
  • Head – Projects & Operations
  • Engineering Project Manager

Sales & Marketing

  • CMO
  • Manager – Sales/Business Development
  • VP – Sales/Business Development
  • Senior Manager – Technical Sales


  • CFO
  • VP – Finance
  • Senior Manager – Accounts & Finance
  • GM – Finance

What are the benefits from EAI TopHiRE?

Senior and top management recruitment is different from recruiting for junior and operational posts. Such recruitment needs to be done with a perspective that aligns recruitment to the overall strategic goals and the market/industry dynamics.

  • Understanding the hiring requirements and sketch the best fit profile for the company/talent

  • Setting the right goals for the talent hunt aligned with the company’s strategy and the market dynamics of your specific renewable energy sector

  • We are here for over a decade and hence have excellent reach upto the CXO- level executives (CEO, CTO, CFO, GM and VP) of most top companies across all the RE domains for the critical functions – technology, operations, sales & marketing and finance.

  • We will assist in hiring top management people who have hands on experience in working at solar power plants, wind farms, etc.

  • Ability to talk to multiple references for any given opportunity

  • We follow transparent and collaborative hiring process – Makes it easy for both the parties concerned

  • Complete confidentiality will be maintained

  • All interactions will be handled by senior consulting professionals at EAI and our Director

Why EAI TopHiRE?

We understand the renewable energy industry from strategic and market perspectives like nobody else does in the country.

We can understand your requirements as a fellow corporate, unlike a horizontal HR consultant or company.

We understand the renewable energy industry from strategic and market perspectives like nobody else does in the country.


EAI – India’s topmost RE consulting and research brand


Has in-depth understanding of the cleantech business and its dynamics, thus enabling top notch recruitments and head hunting


Has one of the largest contact databases for cleantech industry owing to our largest RE website (EAI), cleantech newsletter (EAI Daily), and the most prominent cleantech online community (EAI Club)


Direct reach to CXO-level executives (CEO, CTO, CFO, GM and VP)


All interactions will be spearheaded by EAI’s Director – Narasimhan Santhanam who is well networked with hundreds of top tier professionals in the industry

Domains Where EAI TopHiRE Can Help

Solar Energy

Wind Energy


Energy Efficiency

Green Buildings

Water Management

Waste Management (solid waste and waste water)

Sustainable Materials (bioplastics, sustainable chemicals…)


Send in a brief email to with brief details about your aspirations (if looking for a position) or requirements (if you are looking for a top management professional).

Profile of Narasimhan Santhanam – Co-Founder & Director, EAI


Top management recruitment requires someone who is held in high esteem in the industry to play an important role. Narasimhan Santhanam, co-founder and Director of EAI, is a veteran of the Indian renewable energy and cleantech sectors, and is one of the well-known personalities in the sector, pan-India. Besides his extensive knowledge of the sector, he also brings in a large network of high-end professional contacts for all sectors of the Indian renewable energy and cleantech sectors.

Narasimhan has an in-depth understanding of operations, business models, economics of Solar, Wind, Bio and other cleantech domain value chains.    He has authored several        whitepapers, research reports and other publications in multiple RE sectors.


  • Having an academic background from IIT Madras and IIM Calcutta, Narasimhan has a decade’s experience as Consultant, with specialisation in solar PV and biomass-energy sectors, bringing together a unique intersection of top management perspectives, India market knowledge and extensive expert contacts.
  • Worked on 200+ Consulting Assignments Involving Strategies for Market, Economics and Technology
  • Consulted for most prominent companies and organizations that include World Bank, Bill&Melinda Gates Foundation, GE, Bosch, GSK, P&G, Pepsi, Reliance, Sterlite, Huber, Amway and many more in the RE and cleantech domains.


  • Exceptional contacts in the Indian RE sector starting from middle level management to top management (CEO, CTO, CFO, GM and VP) – across the entire stakeholder spectrum – from manufacturers to EPCs and other solution providers to government to technology experts to financial institutions.
  • Active Social Media presence with over 4000 connections in LinkedIn
  • More about Narasimhan from Here
  • Narasimhan’s LinkedIn profile from here – LinkedIn profile of Narasimhan

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