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As the Indian textile and apparel industry gears itself to reach greater heights in both the domestic and especially the international export markets, it becomes critical for the companies in the sector to embed sustainability into all the important components of their business value chain.

While some of the sustainability efforts will be easy - plug and play solar power purchase for instance - decarbonizing many other components of the textile industry value chain will be more challenging, requiring exploration of different, and sometimes emerging solutions.

Achieving such sustainability goals will bring in significantly higher growth for the large Indian textile sector. And implementation of such sustainability solutions will also imply a number of attractive business opportunities for a range of solution providers.

Whether yours is a textile firm seeking assistance on decarbonization or a business keen to provide decarbonization solutions to the Indian textile and apparel sector, EAI, India’s leading climate tech consulting & market intelligence firm, can provide effective assistance in understanding and benefitting from the textile decarbonization ecosystem.

Value Proposition?

EAI’s Textile Industry Decarbonization Consulting practice provides a balanced mix of deep perspectives, ground level inputs, insights and data for the feasible decarbonization avenues and emerging opportunities for companies in the Indian textile and apparel sector.

Who Can Benefit from Textile industry decarbonization?

Indian and international firms in the textiles & apparel sectors, who are keen on gaining access to practical, India-specific decarbonization insights. Sub-sectors can include:

  • Textile fiber cultivators and processors
  • Fabric makers
  • Garment and apparel makers
  • Textile accessory makers
  • Medium and large retail textile firms
  • Vertically integrated textile firms
  • Companies providing ingredients to textile industry - dyes, pigments, buttons, zippers etc.

Scope of Our Assistance

EAI’s Strategy Consulting for Textiles & Apparel decarbonization includes the following types of assistance:

  • Current and future actionable decarbonization pathways for the textiles and apparel sectors
  • Identification of the most attractive current solutions in the market
  • Identification of emerging solutions and evaluation of their potential
  • Analyses of policies, regulations and incentives that have an impact on textile sector decarbonization
  • Insights and analyses of global trends in textiles & apparel industry decarbonization and how these could be relevant for the Indian market
  • Identification and evaluation of technology and implementation partners

Why is Our Assistance Unique?

First in the field: EAI was one of the first Indian boutique consulting firms for climate tech & sustainability, founded in 2008 and thus having over 15 years of efforts in this critical field

Deep domain knowledge: We are one the few firms in the country that has undertaken specialty projects in different aspects of decarbonization for diverse industries, including textiles, apparel, packaging, biomass and sustainable farming.

Vast network: Our sustained efforts in the field of climate tech, renewable energy & sustainable materials has helped us build a large and valuable network of professionals and industry experts whose knowledge and expertise we can rely on continuously.

Flexible team & tailored solutions: As a small and focussed team, we are highly flexible to customer requirements and thus can provide tailored expert assistance to your strategic support and market intelligence needs.

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