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How can medium and large Indian corporates benefit the most from the transition to a low-carbon energy & materials ecosystem?

Attractive opportunities in diverse sectors are opening up for a range of Indian corporates as the country accelerates its journey towards Net Zero. There are even larger and more attractive decarbonization opportunities in the international domain.

While some corporates might be able to quickly benefit from such opportunities owing to their current domains of operation and the resulting proximity to such opportunities, many companies will require external assistance to identify these opportunities and to benefit fom them.

One key avenue by which corporates could benefit from the emerging decarbonization opportunities is through investing in relevant startups. Startups, owing to the ingenuity of the founders and their speed of operations, can provide corporates with a fertile field for strategic investments.

But how can corporates identify the right climate tech startup to invest in?

EAI, India’s leading climate tech consulting & market intelligence firm, can provide effective assistance to your firm in understanding the climate tech startup ecosystem in India (and globally too), and in identifying the most attractive startups that can help your company leverage exciting decarbonization and low-carbon opportunities.

Value Proposition?

We help your corporation benefit strategically from climate tech innovators & startups - for growth and diversification!

Leveraging our climate tech sectoral expertise, building on our CLIMAFIX division’s focus on climate innovations and utilising our connections with the large network of climate startups across India, EAI provides corporates with deep insights about climate innovations and practical assistance for identifying and investing in climate tech startups.

Who Can Benefit from Identifying climate startups for corporate strategic investments?

Indian and multinational corpoates keen on investing in climate innovations and startups will find our assistance valuable for identifying key innovation domains, attractive startups and innovators in a diverse range of climate tech domains.

Companies who can benefit could belong to a wide spectrum of industries, but those from the following sectors might find this service more valuable:

  • Electrical & electronics, including power electronics
  • Chemicals
  • Metals & minerals
  • Oil & gas companies
  • Plastics & Packaging
  • Power & Utilities
  • IT & Software
  • Advanced materials
  • Food & beverages
  • Textiles & Apparel
  • Waste management, including air pollution & wastewater treatment

Scope of Our Assistance

EAI’s Climate Startup Identification for corporate consulting offering includes the following assistance:

  • Understanding your corporate’s aspirations and goals with regard to climate action
  • Providing your team with critical insights on high-impact innovations in relevant climate tech domains
  • Identifying a long list of innovations and startups
  • Engaging with with your team and curating this list to a shortlist of high potential startups
  • Deep diving into specific startups and innovations, and providing insights and answers to intelligence gaps, your queries and concerns
  • Connecting your team to the relevant startups, researchers and innovators

Why is Our Assistance Unique?

EAI was one of the first Indian boutique consulting firms for climate tech & sustainability, founded in 2008 and thus having over 15 years of efforts in this critical field, assisting corporates in their decarbonization efforts. Our work with the climate tech startups last few years has added another cap to our feather, and together with our background in strategic consulting, enables us to provide powerful assistance for corporates keen on innovation exploration and investments.

  • Our sustained in the field of climate tech has helped us build a large and valuable network of startups as well as professionals and industry experts whose knowledge and expertise we can rely on continuously.
  • Our CLIMAFIX division has been working with climate innovators and startups since 2021 and together with IIT Madras, this division organizes India’s largest climate startup summit every year, the CLIMAFIX Summit.
  • We are one the few firms in the country that has undertaken specialty projects in different aspects of climate tech spectrum, thus providing us the ability to identify and evaluate startups in most of the climate domains.
  • As a small and focussed team, we are highly flexible to customer requirements and thus can provide tailored expert assistance to your strategic and intelligence support needs.

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