CLIMAFIX Summit 2022

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Making India the world's climate startup capital

Summit 2022
By IIT-Madras & EAI

India Climate Tech Startup Summit

Nov 25th & 26th, 2022, Chennai

Venue : IIT Madras Research Park, Chennai Delegate support

for Startups and Innovations in

Renewable Energy

Energy Efficiency

Agriculture & Food

Digital for Decarbonisation


Low Carbon Mobility

Energy Storage

Waste Management


GHG Management

The first and only summit for Indian climate tech startup ecosystem

Supporting partners

25+ Venture Capital firms

Prominent VC firms*

Aavishkar | Ankur Capital | Avaana Capital | Axilor Ventures | Blue Ashva Capital | Caspian Ventures | Global Brain | Merak Ventures | Peak Ventures | Shelter Fund | Social Alpha | Speciale Invest | TDK Ventures | Theia Ventures

If you are a startup, investor or an entrepreneur, this summit will be valuable. Want to know more?

CLIMAFIX Summit 2022 in Numbers *


Delegates expected, comprising startups and investors


Startup snapshots


Panel discussions

* Based on initial estimates


Startups expected at the summit


Startup insights


Exclusive networking sessions

Agenda Overview


The summit is anchored around 10 decarbonization themes, with two types of sessions for each (Panel discussions & pitches).There are thus 20 sessions in all, spread over two days

Day 1 Nov 25 2022
09:00 AM to 6:45 PM


  • Renewable Energy
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Energy Storage
  • Low Carbon Mobility
  • Digital for Decarbonization


5 insight sessions, one for each theme (Format: panel discussions, 5 startups, with an investor moderating it)

5 snapshot sessions, one for each theme (Format: startup pitches, 7-10 pitches in each session, with an investor guiding them)

Day 2 Nov 26 2022
09:00 AM to 5:15 PM


  • Low Carbon Materials
  • Water Sustainability
  • Low Carbon Agri & Food
  • Waste Management
  • CO2 Capture


5 insight sessions, one for each theme (Format: panel discussions, 5 startups, with an investor moderating it)

5 snapshot sessions, one for each theme (Format: startup pitches, 7-10 pitches in each session, with an investor guiding them)

Nov 25th: Day 1
Time blocks 09:00 to 9:45 9:45 to 10:30 10:30 to 11:30 11:30 to 12:30 12:30 ro 13:30 13:30 to 14:15 14:15 to 15:00 15:00 to 15:45 15:45 to 16:45 16:45 to 17:45 17:45 to 18:45
Event Insights Insights Snapshot Snapshot Lunch Insights Insights Insights Snapshot Snapshot Snapshot

Nov 26th: Day 2
Time blocks 09:00 to 9:45 9:45 to 10:30 10:30 to 11:15 11:15 to 12:15 12:15 to 13:15 13:15 to 14:15 14:15 to 15:00 15:00 to 15:45 15:45 to 16:45
Event Insights Insights Insights Snapshot Snapshot Lunch Snapshot Insights Insights

Date : 25 & 26 November 2022 | Venue : IIT Madras Research Park, Chennai

Climate tech is the hottest startup domain today.

There are over 3000 climate tech startups in India.

A large number of future unicorns will be from this segment.

Now is the time for you to meet them.

Meet the best and most innovative Indian climate tech startups


200+ climate tech startups at one place

Co-organized with IIT Madras Energy Consortium

Startups from all critical decarbonization pathways

Organized by CLIMAFIX, the leaders in Indian climate startup insights & analysis

Two valuable days for investors, startups, entrepreneurs and corporate strategists

What is the CLIMAFIX Summit all about?

The CLIMAFIX Summit is India’s only conference plus discussion forum that focuses exclusively on climate tech startups.

It is a unique and high potential opportunity for investors, startups, entrepreneurs and corporates to get the latest insights on high potential climate startups and their efforts, climate action innovation and startup funding insights. In addition, it is a powerful platform for all the key stakeholders to meet, discuss and accelerate their efforts - all at one place.

The CLIMAFIX Summit will feature presentations, panel discussions and networking sessions with the top 100 innovative startups from the Indian climate tech sector.

Comprehensive Representation of all the Climate Action domains

Who will benefit from the CLIMAFIX Summit 2022?

CLIMAFIX Summit will be most useful for:

  • Financial investors - specifically venture capital, angel investors & HNIs. Private equity firms might also benefit from select startups at growth stage - More...
  • Startups, would be startups and entrepreneurs - startups and entrepreneurs in over 15 different domains within climate tech can benefit from this summit. Would be and wannabe startups can get critical insights and opportunities to meet in person founders of innovative startups - More...
  • Corporate strategists - will be relevant to corporate strategic investing professionals and corporate sustainability professionals - More...

Startups founders, Innovators, Investors
at CLIMAFIX Summit 2022


Satyanarayanan Seshadri

EnERG Laboratory
High efficiency Thermal systems/Heat pumps
Industrial Energy Efficiency | Sustainable Heating | Energy Monitoring | Heat Pumps | HVAC Energy Efficiency

Nikhil Tambe

Energy Consortium
IIT Madras
Industry-academia Collaborations | Sustainable Tech Innovations | Mechanical & Tribological Engineering | Policy Design in Innovation

Monish Ahuja

Punjab Renewable Energy
Biomass for heating and power
Biomass Supply Chain Management | Agri-residues Management | Biomass Tariff Regulations | Biomass Briquettes and Pellets

Rohith Pallerla

Energy efficiency
Building Energy Efficiency | HVAC Energy Efficiency | Energy Savings for Commercial Spaces

Suhas Baxi

Biofuel Circle
Bio-energy Supply Chain | Use of Digital & Cloud for Biomass Supply Chain | Strategic Management | Sales Management

Nipun O.S

GPS Renewables
CSR Strategy, ESG Initiatives, Manufacturing Efficiency Enhancement | Enabling Climate Transformation Projects

Vineet Mittal

Electric vehicles
Solar Power Plants | Solar Modules | Li-ion Batteries | EV Logistics

Vimal Panjwani

Rural renewable energy
Agritech | Social Impact | Empowering Farmers | Renewable Energy | Biogas

Jayesh Jain

Industry 5.0/Energy efficiency - HVAC
Industry 5.0 | Smart Buildings & Factories | IoT & Data Science | HVAC Efficiency | Fluid Mechanics & Heat Transfer

Yashraj Jariwala

Shaivaa Algaetech
Algae nutraceuticals
Microalgae | Biotechnology | Algae-based Nutraceuticals | Antioxidants

Santosh Kumar

Battery storage
Li-ion Battery Supply Chain | Urban Mining of Rare Earth Metals | Circular Economy for Batteries

Lakshmi Santhanam

Utility scale solar PV
Solar Panel Efficiency | Geometric Optics | Topology Optimization | Software Architecture & Standards

Sandith Thandasherry

Electric mobility
Electric Boats | Solar Ferries | Marine Transport | Naval Architecture

Abhi Gawri

Food waste management
Agri-biotech | Sustainable Proteins | Animal Nutrition & Health

Dr. Sivaram Pillai

Proklean Technologies
Low carbon chemicals & fertilisers
Biochemistry | R&D | Strategic Planning | Sales & Marketing

Ravikiran Annaswamy

Numocity Technologies
Electric Mobility
Digital SaaS for EV Charger Management | EV Battery Swap | IoT, Analytics & Deep Learning

Siddharth Manvati

Clear Meat
Low carbon food
Synthetic Biology | Bioinformatics | Alternative Proteins | Cultured Meat | Food Tech

Swapnil Shrivastav

Uravu Labs
Water sustainability
Water Technology | Renewable Energy | Product Design

Vinod Kumar

String Bio
Bio based materials
Biotech | Management Strategy | Business Operations & Management | Product Lifecycle Management | Supply Chain Management

Sidharth Arora

Fermentech Labs
Agro waste management
Industrial Biotech | Fermentation & Enzymes | Animal Nutrition | Agriculture Waste to Value

Satya Narayan Bansal

Blue Ashva Capital
Climate finance
Investment Banking | Capital Markets | Sustainable Investments | Circular Economy | Agritech

Priya Shah

Theia Ventures
Climate finance
Impact Investing | Early Stage Investing | Sustainability | Business Partnerships | Equity Research

Jais Jose

Equator Geo
Digital for Decarbonisation
Geoinformatics | Geospatial Technologies | Remote Sensing | Water Resources | Disaster Management

Narasimhan Santhanam

Climate action intelligence
Climate Startups | Decarbonization Opportunities | Management Consulting | Market Intelligence | Online Platforms

Anjani Bansal

Global Brain Corporation
Climate Finance
Impact Investing | Venture Capital | Sustainable Agriculture | Multi stakeholder Partnerships | Financial Valuations

Madhusudhan Rapole

Oorja Energy
Energy efficient Heating & Cooling
Sustainable Heating | Industrial Energy Efficiency | Geothermal Heating & Cooling | Solar Thermal | Combined Heat & Power


Samudhyoga Waste Chakra
Solid Waste Management
Sustainable Waste Management | Waste Water Treatment | Waterbody Restoration | Industrial Resource Recovery | Environmental Impact Assessment

Shailesh Vickram Singh

Massive Fund
Climate Finance
Venture Investing | Climate Entrepreneurship | Pollution Control | Financial Modelling

Manohar Namasivayam

Climate Action Intelligence
Climate Advisory | Serial Entrepreneur | Media & Communication | Opportunity Consulting | Lateral Thinking

Swapna Gupta

Avaana Capital
Renewable Energy | Snapshot

Pranav Gadhia

Sunrise CSP
Renewable Energy | Snapshot

Ishaan Khosla

Low Carbon Mobility | Insights

Manu Iyer

Fyn mobility
Low Carbon Mobility | Insights

Pranav Rawal

Revamp moto
Low Carbon Mobility | Insights

Vishesh Rajaram

Speciale invest
Low Carbon Mobility | Snapshot

Rohit Grover

Low Carbon Mobility | Snapshot

Girish Nagpal

Low Carbon Mobility | Snapshot

Srivatsa Srinivasrao

D4D | Insights

Sheetal Bahl

Merak ventures
D4D | Snapshot

Shankar Sivan

D4D | Snapshot

Vijay Mamtani

Energy Efficiency | Snapshot

Prabjot Kaur

Energy Storage | Insights

Shriti Pandey

Low Carbon Materials | Snapshot

Prasad Gangavkar

Low Carbon Materials | Snapshot

Karan Mehta

Peak ventures
Water Sustainability | Insights

Ganesh Shankar

Water Sustainability | Snapshot

Sushant Bhatia

Casper ventures
Agri & food | Insights

Raunak P

Made From Plants
Agri & food | Snapshot

Samir Prasad

Agri & food | Snapshot

Ankush J

Agri & food | Snapshot

Vikash Kumar Jha

Agri & food | Snapshot

Disha Gandhi

Avishkar ventures
Waste mgmt | Insights

Shankar M K

Waste mgmt | Snapshot

Neha Jain

Low Carbon Materials | Snapshot

Vinod Shanker

Java Capital
GHG management | Snapshot

Ganesh Shankar


Piyush bagdi

Shell e4

Hiran Vedam

Breakthrough Energy
Climate Finance

Amlan Panda

Energy Efficiency

What is unique about CLIMAFIX Summit 2022

  • The first and only summit dedicated to the Indian climate tech startup ecosystem
  • Organised at the IIT Madras Research Park, a key hub of the country’s startup ecosystem
  • Organised by CLIMAFIX, the leaders in Indian climate startup intelligence
  • Powerful combination of startup pitches + panel discussions + networking sessions + startup showcases
  • Customised sessions for interactions and discussions for both startups and investors
  • Special sessions for would be entrepreneurs and startups
  • Guidance and tools to identify and interact with specific delegates
  • Special sessions for early stage startups
  • CLIMAFIX Summit 2022 - Structure

    The CLIMAFIX Summit 2022 is all about climate startups. About 250 startups will be present and close to 200 startups will be highlighted over two days. This happens through two main types of sessions: Startup Snapshots & Startup Insights

    Startup Snapshots

    These are one hour presentation sessions during which about ten startups will give a five minute presentation and pitch about their startup and solutions. There will be ten such Snapshot sessions, one for each of the ten climate action themes.

    Startup Insights

    These are 45-minute moderated panel discussion forums around specific themes during which 5-6 startups will provide insights and answer questions. There will be ten such Insight sessions, one for each of the ten climate action themes.

    CLIMAFIX SUMMIT 2022 Schedule & Sessions

    Download Agenda

    DAY 1 - 25th Nov, 2022 (Friday)

    • Startup Insights
    • Startup Snapshots

    Panel Theme : Renewable Energy


    Sub topics & Highlights

  • Utility Scale Solar PV
  • Distributed Solar PV
  • Solar Thermal
  • Wind Power
  • Biomass for Heating & Power
  • Biofuels
  • Utility Scale Solar PV

  • Use of digital solutions for entire lifecycle, especially O&M
  • Solar + storage
  • Solar PV for renewable hydrogen
  • Distributed Solar PV

  • Rooftop solar + EV charging
  • Solar Thermal

  • Low & medium temp solar thermal industrial applications
  • Biomass for Heating & Power

  • Biomass cofiring at coal power plants
  • Torrefaction & biocoal
  • Agrowaste as bio-energy feedstock
  • Biofuels

  • Ethanol & biodiesel
  • Biomass to RNG/CBG
  • Biomass to hydrogen
  • Panel Theme : Energy Efficiency


    Sub topics & Highlights

  • Energy Efficient Buildings
  • Industrial Waste Heat Recovery
  • Energy Efficient Industrial Equipment
  • Smart Grids
  • Heat Pumps
  • Energy efficient buildings

  • IoT for monitoring and control
  • Use AI/Big Data for building energy efficiency
  • Solutions for enhancing HVAC efficiency in buildings
  • Industrial waste heat recovery

  • High temperature heat recovery opportunities sectors - from boilers & furnaces
  • Waste heat recovery from chillers, air conditioners & compressors
  • Energy efficient industrial equipment

  • Efficient industrial motors
  • Energy efficient turbines and compressed air systems
  • Energy efficient furnaces & boilers
  • Energy efficient chillers
  • Smart grids

  • Demand response systems
  • Integration with renewable energy & e-mobility ecosystems
  • Grid virtualization
  • Energy forecasting & data analytics
  • Distributed energy management platform for grids
  • Panel Theme : Digital for Decarbonisation


    Sub topics & Highlights

  • Key digital tools used
  • Digital for decarbonizing industries
  • Digital for low carbon agriculture & food
  • Digital for energy efficiency
  • Key digital tools used

  • AI/Big Data/Analytics
  • IoT/IIoT
  • Cloud & SaaS based platforms
  • Digital twins
  • Digital for decarbonizing industries

  • Decarbonizing industry supply chains
  • Digital for decarbonizing hard to abate industries
  • Digital for manufacturing efficiencies
  • Digital for low carbon food & agriculture

  • Use of digital for carbon credit and carbon offset markets
  • Monitoring forests and other large natural carbon sinks
  • Digital for energy efficiency

  • Digital for industrial energy efficiency
  • Digital for building energy efficiency
  • Panel Theme : Energy Storage


    Sub topics & Highlights

  • Battery Storage
  • Thermal & Mechanical Storage
  • Green Hydrogen
  • Battery Storage

  • Grid scale battery storage
  • Higher performance Li-ion batteries
  • Battery management systems
  • Battery recycling
  • Emerging battery types - metal air and flow batteries
  • Battery second life
  • Thermal & Mechanical Storage

  • PCM based thermal storage
  • Compressed air storage
  • Thermal energy storage for industrial waste heat
  • Green Hydrogen

  • Electrolysis & electrolyzers
  • Use of green hydrogen in different end use sectors - fertilisers, chemicals, metals
  • Use in fuel cells for transport
  • Biomass to hydrogen
  • Power2X
  • Panel Theme : Low Carbon Mobility


    Sub topics & Highlights

  • Electric Mobility
  • Low Carbon Trucking
  • Low Carbon Aviation & Marine Transport
  • Low Carbon ICE Vehicles
  • Electric Mobility

  • Battery-based & fuel cell EVs
  • Electrifying heavy commercial vehicles
  • Electric cars, e-scooters & bikes
  • E-mobility as a service
  • Fast charging of Li-ion batteries
  • Battery swapping trends
  • Low Carbon Trucking

  • Battery electric & hydrogen fuel cell electric trucks
  • Efficient freight management
  • Improved truck design for fuel efficiency
  • Biofuels for trucks
  • Low Carbon Aviation & Marine Transport

  • Route planning & optimization for fuel efficiency
  • Use of biofuels in shipping and aviation
  • Alternative propulsion technologies
  • Use of digital technologies for monitoring and optimizing fuel consumption
  • Higher efficiency engines & propulsion
  • Low Carbon ICE Vehicles

  • Improvements in engine & powertrain efficiency
  • Flex fuel engine vehicles
  • Vehicle design for higher fuel efficiency
  • Use of digital solutions in enhancing driving & fuel efficiency
  • Panel Theme : Panel discussions


    Sub topics & Highlights

  • DA VINCI - Decarbonization Acceleration - Venture Investments for Climate Innovation

  • Collaboration between VCs for accelerating climate startup innovation in India
  • VC partnerships with academia and technical experts
  • Optimal framework for assistance in identifying seed investments
  • Optimal framework for assistance in identifying college innovations & startups
  • SITCOIN - Startup Interaction Toolkit for Corporate Investments

  • Insights on decarbonization solutions for industry specific value chain components
  • Identifying startups aligned with their corporate strategy and aspirations
  • Enablers for corporates to start with small investments
  • DAY 2 - 26th Nov, 2022 (Saturday)

    • Startup Insights
    • Startup Snapshots

    Panel Theme : Agriculture & Food


    Sub topics & Highlights

  • Sustainable Forestry
  • Regenerative Agriculture
  • Smart Farming
  • Low Carbon Food
  • Agro Waste Management
  • Reducing emissions from livestock
  • Sustainable forestry

  • Digital tools for forest conservation and reforestation
  • Regenerative agriculture

  • Carbon trading for regenerative agriculture
  • Soil carbon measurements
  • Diagnostics for optimal soil health
  • Genomics for smart farming
  • Smart farming

  • Precision practices for entire farming lifecycle
  • Enhancing affordability of precision farming for small farmers
  • Low carbon food

  • Plant-based meat
  • Plant-based dairy & eggs
  • Cellular meat alternatives
  • Microbe-based food
  • Conversion of agri waste to value added products
  • Reducing emissions from livestock

  • Alternative feed that can reduce emissions
  • Sustainable management of livestock waste
  • Improving the global standards and traceability of meat and livestock industry
  • Panel Theme : Waste Management


    Sub topics & Highlights

  • Reducing Food Waste
  • Solid Waste Management
  • Reducing food waste

  • Use of digital solutions to reduce food waste at residential and commercial kitchens
  • Solutions that increase shelf life of fruits and vegetables
  • Solutions for food-sharing within community
  • Solid waste management

  • Recycling technologies,
  • Use of digital solutions to derive efficiencies at multiple points along the solid waste management value chain
  • Effective sorting/segregation technologies and practices
  • Solid waste to energy - gasification, combustion, pyrolysis, anaerobic digestion
  • Panel Theme : Water


    Sub topics & Highlights

  • Water Use Efficiency
  • Digital technology for water conservation and use efficiency
  • Solutions to increase water efficiency in agriculture
  • Leak detection solutions for large scale water storage & distribution infrastructure
  • Rainwater & stormwater management solutions
  • Panel Theme : Materials


    Sub topics & Highlights

  • Bio-based Materials
  • Advanced Materials
  • Product Use Efficiency
  • Industrial Resource Efficiency
  • Bio-based Materials

  • Bioplastics from crop waste & residues
  • Bio-based composites
  • Advanced Materials

  • Use of plant sources for alternative materials
  • Nanotech for low carbon materials
  • Product Use Efficiency

  • Product rentals
  • Training for product repair, repurposing & reuse
  • Remanufacturing & refurbishing
  • Second hand goods
  • Better product design for repair & reuse
  • Industrial Resource Efficiency

  • Better production process controls for waste minimization
  • Onsite reuse and recycling
  • Value recovery from side streams
  • Panel Theme : GHG Management


    Sub topics & Highlights

  • Carbon capture & utilization
  • Non CO2 emissions from industry & agriculture
  • Managing large carbon sinks
  • Corporate carbon management
  • CO2 Capture Carbon capture at power plants
  • Capture of process CO2 emissions from large industries such fertilizer & steel, and breweries
  • Direct air capture
  • Liquid & solid CO2 capture materials/chemicals
  • CO2 storage
  • CO2 utilisation

  • Conversion of CO2 to building materials
  • CO2 to chemicals and plastics
  • CO2 to transport fuels
  • CO2 to minerals
  • Power to X
  • Catalysts & enzymes for CO2 conversion to products
  • Non CO2 emissions from industry & agri

  • Emissions leakage detection systems
  • Alternative refrigerants
  • Landfill gas management
  • Reduction of methane emissions from Oil & gas production & distribution
  • Reduction of emissions from agriculture, specifically rice & cotton cultivation
  • Managing large carbon sinks
  • Enabling corporates and other stakeholders in identifying and investing in nature based ecosystems
  • Corporate Carbon Management

  • Low carbon capacity development for employees and partners
  • Digital carbon management & action platform for corporates
  • Panel Theme : Panel discussions


    Sub topics & Highlights


  • Providing intelligence for state and central governments to devise policies to accelerate innovations and startup formation
  • Helping govts in outreach and communication for their climate innovation efforts
  • Assisting governments in grassroots innovations
  • Facilitate city level and rural level innovation contests, competitions and recognitions
  • Facilitating state governments in devising startup clusters - through intelligence and enabling optimal partnerships
  • CIRCLE -Climate Innovation Research Consortium for Learning & Innovation

  • What do startups really need from premier research & academic institutes
  • Using the comprehensive innovation ecosystem at IIT Madras as an anchor - C-FI, NIRMAAN, IIT Research Park, IITM Energy Consortium
  • Scaling the efforts of IITM to include other prominent academic and research institutes pan India
  • About

    CLIMAFIX is the leader in India Climate Startups intelligence. We provide critical assistance to Indian startups with a dedicated focus on climate action & decarbonization domains.

    The vision behind CLIMAFIX is to be a critical enabling platform for accelerating effective climate tech innovations in India.

    To achieve the above, we utilize the decade-long experience of the parent company EAI in climate tech strategy consulting and market intelligence, and our expertise in building enabling online platforms.

    While our comprehensive CLIMAFIX Online Portal provides comprehensive intelligence and updates on India’s climate innovation efforts, our dedicated team works closely to provide customized solutions and support services.

    We assist all key stakeholders in the Indian climate innovation & startup ecosystem - startups, investors, corporates, entrepreneurs and research/academia.

    More about CLIMAFIX from here

    About Energy Consortium - IIT Madras

    The Energy Consortium, a part of the Office of Global Engagement, brings all the energy related research initiatives at IIT Madras and its collaborators together as one large effort.

    The consortium has active participation from more than 50 IIT Madras faculty from multiple disciplines, with significant technology expertise and demonstrated contributions on the world stage. In addition, it has over 250 postgraduate students (PhD and MS) and 25 plus post-doctoral fellows working in various domains related to energy.

    The Consortium has an industry advisory board, and NITI Aayog and Department of Science & Technology as key partners. It is also engaged with global majors that include the Oil & Gas sector, Power Utilities, Transportation, Commercial Buildings and Renewable energy sectors.

    More about Energy Consortium  

    About EAI

    EAI is India’s leading business catalyst for climate action – operating in clean energy, environment and sustainability sectors. Through our offerings in strategic & market intelligence, partnership facilitation and business promotion for clean energy and environment sectors, we contribute to India’s sustainable growth and development

    Our thought leadership in this critical sector has been obtained through our decade plus efforts offering specialised consultancy, critical business intelligence, and in-depth research. Our reports and solutions are highly sought after by policy makers, large and small industries, and growth-seeking renewable energy companies.

    Highlights of work

    13 yearsOne of the few Indian firms with over a decade of expertise in climate tech consulting and market intelligence

    10+ domainsWorked across every prominent climate tech domain

    200+ consulting assignments undertaken

    2000+ report clientsOur reports have assisted about 2500 businesses and organizations globally

    10+ Fortune 100 firmsClients include the largest corporations in the world (10+ from Fortune 100 and about 30 from Fortune 500) and small but most innovative startups

    25+ eventsOrganized and/or supported some of the largest clean energy & climate tech events, with over 25 events organized across the country

    Prominent Consulting and report clients

    More about EAI

    CLIMAFIX Summit Organising team

    Narasimhan Santhanam

    Director, EAI

    IIT Madras, IIM Calcutta

    15 years in climate tech consulting

    Satyanarayanan Seshadri

    Associate Professor, IIT Madras & Founder - Thermelgy

    University of Madras, Texas A&M University

    20 years research & development in energy management domain

    Nikhil Tambe

    CEO, IIT Madras Energy Consortium

    Maharashtra Institute of Technology, The Ohio State University

    20 years in research, management strategy and administration for research & academia

    Manohar Namasivayam

    Director, Clixoo

    AC Tech, Chennai, IIM Calcutta

    40 years across management, startups, advertising & communications