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Solid Waste Management

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Metal based packaging products

Solid Waste Management


Banyan Nation

Vertically integrated plastic cleaning and recycling technology.

Solid Waste Management

New Delhi


B2B portal which provides EPR services, waste commodity trading and...

Solid Waste Management

New Delhi


Convert pre-consumer textile waste into raw materials

Solid Waste Management



Digital solution and marketplace for waste management

Solid Waste Management


Samudhyoga Waste Chakra

Decentralised plastic pyrolysis solutions

Solid Waste Management

Sub Topics

  • MSW management

    • Plastic waste management

    • Household hazardous waste management

  • Industrial solid waste management

    • Industrial solid waste to energy

    • Hazardous solid waste to energy

    • Industrial hazardous waste management

    • Medical waste management

    • Hazardous electronic waste management

  • Construction & demolition waste management

  • Other solid waste

    • Fruits & vegetable waste management

    • Human & animal waste management

  • Solutions

    • Waste to energy

    • Recycling

    • Composting

  • Solid waste to energy

    • Gasification

      • Solid waste to hydrogen

    • Combustion

    • Pyrolysis

    • Anaerobic digestion






  • Training & capacity building

  • Collaboration

    • Between government and industries

    • Between government and public

    • Between government and NGOs

    • Between government and research

  • Regional trends

    • North America

    • South America

    • Europe

    • Asia

    • Middle East & Africa

    • Australia

  • Challenges

    • Segregation

    • Logistics

    • Economics

  • Technology & innovations

  • Policies

  • Use of IT & digital solutions

  • Market opportunities

  • Financing

  • Distributed solid waste management

  • Innovative business & revenue models






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Energy Efficiency

Energy Storage

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Waste Management



Decarbonizing Industries

Low Carbon Mobility

GHG Management