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Energy Efficient Buildings

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Energy Efficient Buildings



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Energy Efficient Buildings

Sub Topics

  • Energy efficiency for commercial & industrial buildings

  • Energy efficiency for residential buildings

  • Energy efficiency for public & government buildings

  • HVAC efficiency

    • Heating efficiency

    • Ventilation

    • Cooling & AC

      • Energy efficient air conditioners

        • Efficient air conditioner components - air handling unit, fan coil unit, compressors, condensers

        • Sustainable refrigerants

        • Energy Star rating

        • Better thermostats

      • Energy efficient chillers

      • Monitoring, analytics & control for cooling and air conditioning (BMS, sensors…)

      • Better insulation to reduce cooling requirements

      • Passive cooling to reduce external cooling requirements

      • Better building materials for reducing cooling energy needs

      • Waste heat recovery from air conditioning and cooling systems

      • Radiant cooling

      • Geothermal cooling

      • Solar air conditioning

  • Lighting

    • Effective building envelope design

    • Building lighting efficiency

  • Design for building energy efficiency

    • Performance based building design

    • Passive house design




















  • Energy efficiency of various building components

    • Better insulation

    • Materials for building energy efficiency

      • Roofing materials

      • Smart glass

    • Efficiency enhancement through glass & windows

    • Efficiency enhancement through floors, ceiling & roofs

    • Efficiency enhancement through doors

    • Energy efficiency through “plugging leaks”

  • Use of IT & digital solutions

    • IoT

    • AI

    • Sensors

    • BMS

  • Practices

    • Passive energy utilization for buildings

    • Energy audits for building energy efficiency

    • Effective building maintenance practices

    • Building energy efficiency codes & standards

    • Retrofits for energy efficiency

  • Water use in buildings

  • Financing energy efficiency in buildings

  • Policies and regulations for building energy efficiency

  • Business models to enhance building energy efficiency

  • Training/capacity building

    • Building maintenance

























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