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Utility Scale Solar PV

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In(fiction) Labs

Robotic solar panel cleaner

Utility Scale Solar PV



Building efficient solar panels with motion free optical tracking t...

Utility Scale Solar PV


Skilancer Solar

Intelligent robot for automatic cleaning of solar panels

Utility Scale Solar PV


SolarSquare Energy

Rooftop solar company that also provides after sales service.

Utility Scale Solar PV

Sub Topics

  • Type of utility-scale solar PV power plant

    • Independent utility scale solar PV power plants

    • Captive utility scale solar PV power plants

    • Community solar power plants

  • Use of digital technologies to increase yields from utility solar power plants

  • Utility solar power plants in deserts & remote regions

  • Efficient solar power plant design

  • Integration of storage with solar PV power plants

  • Robust mounting structures & solutions

  • Solar trackers to enable higher yield

  • High efficiency solar panels

  • Solar PV inverters







  • O&M of utility solar power plants

    • Regular maintenance

    • Predictive maintenance 

  • Grid integration of power from utility scale solar power plants

  • Agro Voltaics

  • Floating solar & offshore solar power plants

  • Use of solar PV for renewable hydrogen

  • Integration of solar PV + hydro power dams

  • Recycling of solar panels

  • Cables, junction boxes and related electricals

  • Monitoring & SCADA systems

  • National & international policies

  • Education & training







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