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Get to know about RenKube , an Indian climate tech startup, from the snapshot at the India Climate Tech 100 startups



Building efficient solar panels with motion free optical tracking technology

Motionless solar panel systems that increase yield without high investments



  • 20% higher energy output than traditional solar panels
  • 12% lower Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCOE)
  • ROI is about 3 years

  • Optical tracking tech
  • Bangolae Lakshmikanth Balaji - Founder & CEO

    Lakshmi Santhanam, PhD - Co-founder & Principal Engineer

    Janardhana V - Co-founder & President


    EAI perspectives

    This technology - where they use a specially designed glass that can focus more sunlight on the solar panels - appears to have similarities to concentrating photovoltaics (CPV) which also work on the principle of concentrating sunlight to produce higher yields.  CPV systems however require heterojunction cells, and they also need trackers. All these make them quite expensive, and currently, unaffordable for solar PV developers worldwide.

    This startup’s innovation does not need special solar cells and panels, does not use any moving equipment, and if the startup’s estimates that it will increase the project cost only 5% are translated in real life projects, the 20% increased yield claimed by the startup is quite an attractive proposition.

    Some of these deep tech solutions carry uncertainties and it could take the startup to conclusively prove both their technology’s reliability as well as cost effectiveness, but kudos to them for thinking out of the box in the highly competitive field of solar PV.

    Team EAI wishes RenKube the very best!

    • Motion free optical tracking
    • AI powered 3D glass design
    • Solar panel efficiency




    Solar Vision For the Next Few Decades | Lakshmi Santhanam | TEDxSusMafia

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