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Get to know about Greenjoules , an Indian climate tech startup, from the snapshot at the India Climate Tech 100 startups



Agri residue based liquid biofuels, gaseous cooking fuels, and solid bio-fertilizers

Contributes to the circular economy by producing renewable biofuels called ‘drop-in' fuels using agricultural residues



  • Facility can process 4 metric tonnes of agro-waste per day 
  • Biofuel validated by IIT Chennai as equivalent to BIS VI & Euro VI norms
  • Drop-in fuels - can be directly used in boilers & vehicles

  • Pyrolysis
  • Viraraghavan Sankaran - Co-founder

    V S Shridhar  - Co-founder

    Gokul Badgujar - Co-founder

    Shweta Viraraghavan - CTO


    EAI perspectives

    Based on the details provided, the startup is using the pyrolysis process to convert agro waste into liquid and gaseous fuels (with biochar as an additional product). 

    Pyrolysis has this unique property of being able to produce all three types of fuels (solid, liquid and gas) from a single source of biomass. If you are wondering why such an interesting process has not been used on a wide scale worldwide, it has been mainly owing to the technical challenges faced in scaling the process and getting the end fuels having good quality and reliable characteristics.

    Companies that are able to stabilize pyrolysis and are able to produce high quality fuels with consistent metrics are looking at fairly sizable markets for their products, and Greenjoules appears to be one such company.

    Team EAI wishes Greenjoules the very best!

    • Agro-waste to fuels
    • Pyrolysis based fuels




    Biomass Pyrolysis Technologies of APChemi

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