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Get to know about BiofuelCircle , an Indian climate tech startup, from the snapshot at the India Climate Tech 100 startups



Cloud-based ecosystem for biomass and biofuel supply chains

  • Removes bottlenecks in the supply chain and create efficiency
  • Subscription based platform enables buyers and sellers to engage more easily



  • Advanced digital tools to help integrate biomass supply chain
  • Provides a range of services to become a true supply chain partner to bioenergy companies

  • Online marketplace, Biomass supply chain optimization
  • Suhas Baxi - Co-founder

    Ashwin Save - Co-founder

    EAI perspectives

    India estimatedly produces about 300 million tons of agricultural waste a year, about 230 Kg of agri waste per capita! 

    Monetizing such waste through its use as fuel could both increase the incomes of the farmer as well as result in low carbon feedstock for industries. The key challenge that prevents this from happening is logistics.

    There are logistical challenges all the way from collection at the farm to efficient transport to discovering the right price for the biomass for the end users.

    Startups such as BiofuelCircle are trying to overcome all these challenges through an effective digital architecture combined with customized, efficient logistics solutions (the startup for instance has developed a custom tech for trucks that makes the loading and unloading of biomass easier).

    While one cannot expect dramatic changes in the agro waste utilization sector in India, given the vastness of the country and the diverse stakeholders involved, we consider the efforts by such startups to be excellent first steps.  

    Team EAI wishes BiofuelCircle the very best!

    • Digital platform for biomass supply chain




    Understanding Circular Economy for better sustainability

    Bioenergy opportunities

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