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Get to know about Biofuels Junction , an Indian climate tech startup, from the snapshot at the India Climate Tech 100 startups

Biofuels Junction


Manufacturer and aggregator of biomass briquettes & pellets in Central India

  • Able to aggregate and supply large quantities of biofuels on a short notice
  • Provides employment in rural regions in addition to reducing industrial carbon footprint



  • Uses significant mechanization in its processes
  • Cotton stalk residue is an important source of raw material used for making biofuels

  • Biomass supply chain optimization
  • Ashvin Patil, Co-founder & Director


    EAI perspectives

    As correctly realized by the startup, the biomass supply chain in India is still highly unorganized, with only a few well-oiled players such as PRESPL (Punjab Renewable Energy). For a country of the size of India, there can be many more PRESPLs.

    The recent mandate by the GoI that all coal power plants should have 5% blending of biomass will significantly enhance the need for more organized supply chains. A 500 MW coal power plant alone could require about 500 tons of biomass per day, even at a 5% blending ratio - just imagine the potential.

    What makes startups like Biofuels Junction more interesting is the additional services they provide - in this case, they also ensure that the feedstock is optimized to boiler performance, and in future can perhaps even fine tune boiler engineering with external consultants. Such bespoke solutions/services could significantly lower the barriers for power plants and industrial heating units to switch to biomass.

    Team EAI wishes Biofuels Junction the very best!

    • Biomass supply chain
    • Biomass feedstock aggregation

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