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Regenerative Agriculture

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Regenerative Agriculture

Sub Topics

  • Practices

    • Soil practices

      • Sustainable tilling

    • Fertilizer application practices

    • Sustainable plant protection, weeding & integrated pest management

    • Water management

    • Cover crops

    • Intercropping

    • Sustainable farm preparation practices

    • Sustainable harvesting practices

    • Sustainable grazing

    • Effective agroforestry practices

    • Restoring degraded land

    • Organic farming

    • Use of biochar

  • Collaboration among farming community for sustainability

  • Farming with whole system and landscape perspective






  • Regenerative agriculture for small scale farms

  • Regenerative agriculture for large farms

  • Financing models for regenerative agriculture

  • Education/capacity building

    • Knowledge

    • Hands on guidance

    • Use of online tools

    • Availability of experts

  • Enabling policies

  • Use of IT & digital

  • Market opportunities for regenerative agri & its produce

    • Regenerative carbon trading

  • Success case studies

  • Regional trends:

    • Developed countries

    • Developing countries

    • Under-developed countries

  • Economics of regenerative farming






Renewable Energy

Energy Efficiency

Energy Storage

Agriculture & Food

Waste Management



Decarbonizing Industries

Low Carbon Mobility

GHG Management