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Low Carbon Aviation

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The ePlane Company

Developing a compact VTOL electric flying taxi

Low Carbon Aviation

Sub Topics

  • Decaronization through efficiency

    • Higher efficiency engines & propulsion

    • Higher efficiency design of aircraft

    • Higher efficiency aircraft operations

    • Higher efficiency while at airport

  • Electric aviation

    • Battery based

    • Hydrogen based

  • Aviation biofuels

  • Advanced materials for low carbon aviation

  • Multi-stakeholder collaboration

  • Policies & industry targets




  • Use of IT & digital solutions

  • Aircraft by flying distance:

    • Short distance
    • Long distance within countries

    • Inter-continental

  • By type of engine/aircraft

    • Jet engine aircraft

    • Propeller engine aircraft

    • Turbofan engine aircraft

    • Helicopters

    • Small aircraft

    • Fighter aircraft

    • Cargo/freight aircraft




Renewable Energy

Energy Efficiency

Energy Storage

Agriculture & Food

Waste Management



Decarbonizing Industries

Low Carbon Mobility

GHG Management