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Agro Waste Management

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Fibcro® natural fibres - converts agricultural residues into un...

Agro Waste Management



Repurposes crop waste into valuable products

Agro Waste Management


Fermentech Labs

Bioreactor that turns crop stubble into animal feed nutrients

Agro Waste Management

New Delhi

Kriya Labs

Value added products from rice straw and agro-residues

Agro Waste Management



Organic cooling for flowers, fruits and vegetables

Agro Waste Management

New Delhi


Converts crop residues into valuable bio-products - fuels, fer...

Agro Waste Management

Sub Topics

  • Minimizing waste

    • On farm

    • During transport

    • During storage

  • Minimizing waste through

    • Storage of agro produce, including cold storage

    • Connect with the market

    • Efficient logistics

    • Efficient cultivation practices to reduce wastage

    • Improved awareness of farmers about market needs

    • Improved weather intelligence

    • On-farm processing challenges for recovering value from agri waste

    • On-farm processing of harvested agro produce

    • Packaging of harvested agro produce

    • Contamination management of post harvest produce

    • Sustainable drying of agro produce

    • Effective agro produce logistics

    • Collaboration with other farmers for sustainable post harvest best practices

  • Use of IT & digital

  • Enabling policies

  • Education & capacity building







  • Utilization of agricultural waste

    • Conversion to power

    • Conversion for heating

    • Conversion to biofuels

    • Agricultural waste to bioplastics

    • Agricultural waste to sustainable packaging materials

    • Agricultural waste to biochar

    • Agricultural waste to compost & soil nutrient

    • Agricultural waste to cosmetics

    • Agricultural waste to products for human health & wellness

    • Agricultural waste to high-value bio-products

    • Agricultural waste for construction materials

    • Challenges for recovering value from agri waste

  • Collaboration between farmers and:

    • With industry & businesses & entrepreneurs

    • With government

    • With logistics providers

    • With researchers & academia

    • With financial investors 

  • Trends in different regions

    • North America

    • South America

    • Europe

    • Asia

    • Middle East & Africa

    • Oceania





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