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Market & Feasibility Research Assistance on Bioplastics

From EAI, a leader in renewable energy/cleantech research & consulting


With increasing concerns over the use of plastics, sustainable alternatives to plastics are increasingly in demand. Biopolymers in general and bioplastics in particular, present one such sustainable alternative. In this context, bioplastics have attained prominence as they are one of the few scalable and commercially feasible alternatives to a wide range of plastics.

Products and solutions based on bioplastics/biopolymers present interesting opportunities globally. Opportunities are present across a variety of industrial sectors that include packaging, water, beverages, insulation materials, specialty materials and more.

The key factor driving the bioplastics market is the need for more eco-friendly and less polluting materials. Other drivers include volatile fossil fuel prices and the need for companies to decrease their carbon footprint across their entire business value chain. The demand for bioplastics has been gradually increasing due to its renewability and availability of raw material, advanced functionality and technical properties, and the recycling options at least some of them present.


The global bioplastics production capacity is set to increase from around 4.2 million tonnes in 2016 to over 6 million tonnes in 2021. Packaging remains the largest fields of application for bioplastics with almost 40 percent (1.6 million tonnes) of the total bioplastics market in 2016.


While it is on the ascendancy, bioplastics still constitute less than 1% of the total plastics market. This is because of challenges related to high costs, uncertainties in processing, lack of technological advancement for production, low competitive edge over alternatives, and of course, lack of customer awareness.

Thus, as with most emerging opportunities, bioplastics present a promising future but with challenges on the way. Hence, a balanced understanding of the opportunities the sector promises along with its inherent challenges is needed before investment decisions can be made.

If you are an investor or a key stakeholder keen on getting an expert market and feasibility study done for bioplastics, whom can you approach?

This is where EAI’s Outsourced Research Assistance on Bioplastics comes in.


Who will Benefit from Our Custom Research?

EAI can provide custom research on bioplastics for the following stakeholders:

  • Stakeholders in the Global Chemicals & Plastics Industry
  • Manufacturers of Polymer & Plastic Additives & Intermediates
  • Bioplastics resins and end product producers and other players in the value chain (distributors, value added resellers…)
  • Government & non–government organizations & agencies working in bioplastics domain
  • Academia & research institutions looking for authentic perspectives and market research inputs

What is the Scope of Our Custom Research?

Our team has excellent knowledge of the bioplastics industry and can provide precise inputs for the following questions:

Complete range of bioplastic and biopolymer products

Biodegradable bioplastics

  • Starch based plastics
  • Polylactic acid (PLA)
  • Polyhydroxyalkonates (PHA)
  • Cellulosic Polymers

Bio Polybutylene Succinate (PBS)

  • Bio-based durable plastics
  • Bio-based polyurethane (PUR)
  • Bio-based Polyamides (PA)
  • Bio-based Polyethylene (Bio- based PE)
  • Bio-based Polyethylene Terephthalate (Bio-PET)

Biz Opportunities and Market Insights

  • What segments and regions will drive the bioplastics market growth, and why?
  • What are the various business models one can adopt in the bioplastics value chain?
  • How will the market drivers, challenges and future opportunities affect the market dynamics, and a subsequent analysis of the future trends?
  • What is the bioplastics industry forecast with regard to challenges, possibilities and breakthroughs?
  • What is the market growth scenario of the bioplastics industry in key regions – Asia, Europe, North America?
  • Which are the prominent companies worldwide for Bioplastics?
  • What are the demand and supply scenarios and the market potential for the various types of bioplastics?

Technology & Processes

  • What are the various current and emerging technologies in Bioplastics – for both biodegradable & durable bioplastics?
  • What are the various types of bioplastics and their applications? How different are biodegradable and bio-based products from their conventional counterparts?


  • Does bioplastic pose a serious threat to the global food security? What are the alternative feedstock that are being tested out by global firms?
  • Review of the standards and certifications available for bioplastics, and due diligence of bioplastic products and claims for authenticity

Through our custom research on bioplastics, we can provide information that include

  • Prefeasibility studies (technical, market and financial pre-feasibility) that can aid primary decision making for investors
  • Market potential analysis
  • Lifecycle assessment
  • Current research trends and technologies

Specifically, our custom research can cover the following dimensions:

  • Current market sizes and forecasts
  • Key market trends, market and revenue potential
  • Growth factors and opportunities
  • Key drivers and challenges

  • Biodegradable bioplastics
  • Bio-based durable plastics
  • Fossil-based biodegradable plastics
  • Properties comparison of bio-based & fossil-based bioplastics

  • Production methods
  • Conversion technologies
  • Processing limitation and overcoming technologies
  • Recent trends and innovations in production technologies

  • In packaging
  • In food-ware
  • In durable and engineering plastics
  • In emerging segments such as toys and other consumer products

  • Recycling
  • Energy recovery
  • Composting
  • Landfilling
  • Anaerobic Digestion

  • Capital & project costs
  • Operating expenses
  • Drivers for costs
  • Costs of end products, by segment and region

  • Company overview
  • Financial overview
  • Business strategy
  • SWOT analysis
  • Recent developments and diversifications

Why EAI for Outsourced Research for Bioplastics?

How many firms can claim they have provided strategic assistance for multiple clients in the bio-materials and bio-energy domain for almost a decade?

EAI is one of the very few in the world!

EAI is your ideal partner for custom research on bioplastics because:

  • We understand the bio-based materials and bio-energy domains very well – we have been operating in these domains for over 10 years!
  • With its focus and prior work in bioplastics, EAI has an excellent understanding of all the strategic steps that can assist an entrepreneur in making the optimal investment decisions
  • We can provide high quality market and business research assistance at a much lower cost than larger, horizontal research firms
  • We are based out of India, a country known for its mature information and research outsourcing capabilities, and with a skilled workforce excellent in English

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EAI’s Research & Reports

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