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Algae Based Products

Algae – a vast collection of aquatic organisms, is emerging as one of the most promising sustainable source for a variety of applications. Research and innovations in the algae field has helped it find a role in diverse applications like biofuels, pharmaceuticals, food – in nutraceuticals and other functional foods, speciality chemicals, cosmetics, animal and fish feed and more. Against this background, it is hardly surprising that the algae products market is expected to reach US$ 44.7 billion by 2023, growing at a CAGR of more than 5% between 2016 and 2023.

What makes algae a wonder feedstock for these applications? The following aspects can give you a hint:

  1. Algae does not require agricultural land and are known to grow very fast and efficiently.
  2. Microalgal biomass is high in protein and oil content, making it an ideal source for biofuels and animal&fish feed.
  3. Microalgal biomass is rich in micro-nurtrients that make it an excellent candidate for the nutraceutical market. Algae based strains, rich in minerals and nutrients, have anti-aging properties and find applications in cosmetics.
  4. Macroalgae – the large algae that can grow in sea or seawater – has a high content of antioxidants, carotenoids and phenols, making them a potential source for pharmaceuticals. In the chemicals industry, seaweed, a type of macroalgae, finds application as fertilizers. Other algae species, due to their pigment types, are used as natural colorants.

As illustrated above, the product possibilities from algae are endless.

Although currently there is significant excitement around algae, the industry is not without its challenges.

Thus, as with most emerging opportunities, algae-based products present a promising future but with challenges on the way. Hence, a balanced understanding of the opportunities the sector promises along with its inherent challenges is needed before investment decisions can be made.


If you are an investor or a key stakeholder keen on getting an expert market and feasibility study done for algae based products, whom can you approach?

This is where EAI’s Outsourced Research Assistance on Algae Based Products comes in.

So, if you are looking to outsource customized research on Algae Based Products, you should be talking to us.

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Who will Benefit from Our Custom Research?

EAI can provide custom research on algae based products for the following stakeholders:


What is the Scope of Our Custom Research?

Our team has excellent knowledge of the product and market for the algae based products:

Through our custom research on Algae Based Products, we can provide information that include

  • Prefeasibility studies (technical, market and financial pre-feasibility) that can aid primary decision making for investors
  • Market potential analysis by technology, product or region
  • Lifecycle assessment of various algae based products
  • Current research trends and technology solutions

Specifically, our custom research can cover the following dimensions:

  • Current market sizes and forecasts
  • Key market trends, market and revenue potential
  • Growth factors and opportunities
  • Key drivers and challenges
  • Composition & Characteristics
  • Derivative products – high, medium and low value products
  • Cultivation Systems
    • Macroalgae cultivation systems
    • Microalgae cultivation systems
    • Feasibility of cultivation, by scale
  • Harvesting Systems
    • Prominent harvesting practices
    • Latest trends and innovations
  • Algae Drying
    • Prominent drying practices
    • Latest trends and innovations
  • Capital & project costs
  • Extraction & operating costs
  • Cultivation costs
  • Dewatering costs
  • Drying costs
  • Costs for processing to final product
Revenue possibilities for
  • Dry algal biomass of various strains
  • Various end products
  • By-products from processing

We can undertake a comprehensive review and analysis of the companies, universities and other research facilities working in the algae product domain, and provide inputs on the following


  • Company overview
  • Financial overview
  • Business strategy
  • SWOT analysis
  • Recent updates on their work
  • Universities and Academia

    • Universities working on algae fuel and non-fuel products
    • Latest research findings and insights from academia

Why EAI for Outsourced Research for Algae Based Products?

EAI runs, the global information support resource exclusive for the algae industry

EAI is your ideal partner for custom research on algae based products because

  • There are few consulting/research firms who understand the algae industry as well as we do – we have been operating in these domains for over 10 years!
  • We can offer research intelligence on the entire value chain of algae based products and our publications has been read by the who’s who of the algae industry
  • We can provide high quality market and business research assistance at a much lower cost than larger, horizontal research firms
  • We are based out of India, a country known for its mature information and research outsourcing capabilities, and with a skilled workforce excellent in English

So, if you are looking to outsource customized research on algae based products,

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Some of our acclaimed reports and whitepapers in the algae domain


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So, if you are looking to outsource customized research on Algae Based Products, you should be talking to us.

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