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Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS)

CO2 is the major contributor to climate change and global warming. In order to mitigate the levels of CO2 in the atmosphere, on the one hand, a number of sustainable energy solutions are being attempted, each of which has the potential to significant bring down the extent of CO2 emitted per unit of energy generated. At the same time, the reality is that it will take many decades before the world has transitioned to a stage where it is powered fully or predominantly by low carbon sources.

This makes it imperative that, in order to mitigate the extent of CO2 in the atmosphere, it is also necessary to find ways to capture the CO2 that is being attempted by the fossil fuels being used, and which will be used as the predominant sources for the next few decades.

While such a CO2 capture (and subsequent sequestration) is currently almost infeasible in some cases, one domain in which the CO2 capture is feasible and make a big difference is in the case of fossil fuel based (coal, natural gas, oil & diesel) based thermal power plants.

In fact, thermal power plants are the single largest CO2 emitter industry worldwide.

As a result, there are clear mandates for power plants to significantly reduce their emissions. Over the years, certain mainstream CO2 capture and sequestration technologies have been accepted as being the most practical

One the capture front, the following have gained acceptance: (1) Pre-combustion technique for capture; (2) Oxy-fuel combustion; (3) Post-combustion capture. On transportation of the CO2, the two avenues being considered are pipeline transportation and road and/or water transportation. On storage, the three main storage avenues being considered are depleted oil fields (for enhanced oil recovery), saline aquifers, and coal beds (for recovery of coal bed methane).

Within these mainstream concepts, there are a number of innovations being explored. Outside of these mainstream avenues, there are novel processes and technologies being tried out.

While that is the good news, it is also true that there are a good number of challenges all along the carbon capture and sequestration value chain – both at the capture and at the storage/sequestration stages.

Thus, as with most emerging opportunities and solutions, CO2 Capture & Storage presents a promising future but with challenges on the way. Hence, a balanced understanding of the opportunities the sector promises along with its inherent challenges is needed before investment decisions can be made.


If you are an investor or a key stakeholder keen on getting an expert market and feasibility study done for carbon capture & storage, whom can you approach?

This is where EAI’s Outsourced Research Assistance on CCS comes in.

So, if you are looking to outsource customized research on CCS,

talk to EAI at or call Narsi 7358263274


Who will Benefit from Our Custom Research?

EAI can provide custom research on CCS for the following stakeholders:


What is the Scope of Our Custom Research?

Our team has excellent knowledge of the CCS industry and can provide precise inputs on the following:

CO2 Capture

Conventional Methods

Emerging CCS Technologies

CO2 Transportation

CO2 Storage

Conventional Storage

Non-Conventional Storage

Through our custom research on CCS, we can provide information that include:

  • Prefeasibility studies (technical and financial pre-feasibility) that can aid primary decision making for investors
  • Performance of the currently operating CCS facilities
  • Government mandates and regulatory frameworks
  • Current and emerging research trends in CCS

Specifically, our custom research can cover the following dimensions:

  • Current market sizes for CCS applications in power plants
  • Market segments within power plants where the potential is high
  • Key drivers and challenges that affect market potential
  • US & North American Regulations
  • EU Regulations
  • Asia-Pacific Regulations
  • Pre-combustion
  • Post Combustion
  • Oxy-fuel Combustion
  • Algae-based CO2 Capture
  • Biomass-based Power Generation
  • Emerging Solvents & Sorbents for CO2 Capture from Power Plant Emissions
  • Coal Power Plants
  • Natural Gas Power Plants
  • Biomass Power Plants
  • Other Power Plant Types
  • Capital Costs for Capture & Storage
  • O&M Costs for Capture, Transport & Storage
  • Uncertainties and Challenges in Cost Components
  • Drivers for Costs and How these Drivers are Expected to Trend
  • Incentive Components from the Respective Governments
  • Power Plant Overview
  • Specifications of the Power Plant – Capacity, Fuel Used, Power Generation Technology Used
  • Type of CCS Implemented or in the Process of Implementation – both for Capture & for Storage
  • Status of the Implementation
  • Extent and Estimates for CO2 Captured
  • Analysis of Data and Results from the Current Implementation and Inferences on the Same
  • Challenges Faced and Future Estimates for CO2 Capture

Why EAI for Outsourced Research for CCS?

How many firms can claim they have provided strategic assistance for multiple clients in the clean energy domain for almost a decade?

EAI is one of the very few in the world!

EAI is your ideal partner for custom research on CCS because:

  • We understand the CCS domain very well – we have been operating in this and related cleantech domains for over 10 years! We also run one of the portals dedicated to CCS for power plants @ Power Plant CCS ( )
  • With its focus and prior work in CCS, EAI has an excellent understanding of all the strategic steps that can assist businesses/stakeholders in making the optimal investment decisions
  • We can provide high quality market and business research assistance at a much lower cost than larger, horizontal research firms
  • We are based out of India, a country known for its mature information and research outsourcing capabilities, and with a skilled workforce excellent in English

So, if you are looking to outsource customized research on CCS,

talk to EAI at or call Narsi 7358263274


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