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Relevant for the following industries

  • Automotive & auto components
  • Batteries & energy storage
  • Electrical/Electronic components and equipments
  • Engineering goods & machinery
  • Logistics & transportation
  • IT & digital

EAI estimates

The Indian e-mobility sector is growing at a tremendous pace along the value chain

Would your firm like to be a part of this zooming sector?

The electric mobility phenomenon is in full swing worldwide. And in India.
India’s total annual motor vehicle sales is currently $100 billion(Rs. 7.5 lakh crores), of which electric vehicles account for 0.5%( Rs. 4000 crores) of the total sales. The proportion of EV sales is expected to rise to 7%(Rs. 1.31 lakh crores) of the total sales by 2030 for a total market of over $250 billion(Rs. 18.75 lakh crores), a hefty 55% CAGR for the 2022-2030 period.

Enabling government policies and incentives, combined with improved economics and performance are likely to be the key drivers for this acceleration.

Significant growth is expected across EV and EV value chain components – 2 wheelers, 3 wheelers, cars, light commercial vehicles and buses, and in the component sector, batteries, motors and charging equipment.

The post 2030 period is likely to see a further acceleration in EV adoption.

All these imply that the electric mobility sector is an excellent bet in the short and long term for Indian businesses in many related industries. 

EAI sees attractive opportunities in the EV sector for many medium and large Indian corporates, spanning product segments from metal air batteries, battery management software to charging facilities.

Our CO3 EV division is focussed on assisting Indian corporates to benefit from the EV opportunities.

What is CO3 EV?

CO3 is a specialized consulting offering from EAI that identifies attractive business opportunities for Indian corporates arising from the large-scale decarbonization of the Indian economy, industry and society.

The EV division of CO3 focuses on emerging decarbonization opportunities related to the low carbon mobility sector in India.

Specifically, CO3 EV provides assistance on the following dimensions, customized to your firm’s aspirations and objectives 

  • Identification of broad opportunity themes (eg: Battery technology)
  • Analysis of the overall potential of each broad opportunity 
  • Assess technical, market and economic feasibility of the subset of opportunities 
  • Provide a go-to-market strategy for selected opportunities

Who will benefit from CO3 EV?

CO3 EV will be of immense value to medium and large Indian corporates operating in the following industries and sectors

  • Automotive & auto components
  • Batteries & energy storage
  • Electrical/Electronic components and equipments
  • Engineering goods & machinery
  • Logistics & transportation
  • IT & digital

The CO3 Advantage

1. Batteries

  • Battery cells
  • Battery packs
  • Battery management systems
  • Battery recycling
  • Battery second life

2. Powertrain

  • Motors
  • Motor controller
  • Motor components
  • Transmission

    3. Vehicles

    • Bicycles
    • Scooters
    • Motorbikes
    • Three wheelers
    • Buses
    • Cars
    • Light commercial vehicles (LCV)
    • Heavy commercial vehicles (HCV)
    • Hybrids

    4. Charging

    • EV Charging ecosystem
    • EV Swapping ecosystem
    • Power electronics
    • Software for EV charging and swapping

    5. E-mobility support

    • EV Design & Engineering
    • EV finance & insurance
    • EV sales & service
    • Testing & validation support


    • Dramatically enhanced awareness across all user segments of e-mobility – consumer, commercial, industrial and public transport – has ensured hyper growth potential for the Indian e-mobility sector


    • Existing training, education & skilling infrastructure for the automotive industry can be readily used, which enables a faster transition to e-mobility


    • Enabling central and state government policies for user adoption and manufacturing ecosystem are bringing down effective costs of production and increasing industry investments multifold


    • Within climate tech, the e-mobility sector is witnessing the largest amount of investments across all types (debt, equity..), with the segment capturing close to 50% of total venture capital investments


    • Presence of a large number of successful startups along the entire e-mobility value chain in both India and international markets has dramatically enhanced the innovation potential of the industry


    • The use of digital in electric vehicles is so extensive that some of the most successful electric vehicles (Tesla cars, for instance) are considered software on the road. In India too, many EVs from prominent makers sport a significant amount of  digital in their features. Such use of digital is enhancing the performance of the vehicles and providing an enriching user experience.


    • Significant potential exists for Indian and international collaboration for forging powerful technology partnerships. EAI foresees innovation-focussed international partnerships as a key driver as the Indian e-mobility sector evolves into its subsequent orbit.

    Invest in startups

    You will get immediate access to EAI’s strong connections with hundreds of Indian climate tech startups.

    Identify critical innovations

    You can leverage our team’s extensive work that touches every component of the e-mobility value chain to identify effective innovations.

    Form international partnerships

    We can quickly identify and evaluate strategic and technical partnerships using our global contact network of e-mobility companies and solution providers.

    Forge collaboration with ecosystem partners

    Using our connections and networks across multiple industries, we can help you partner with companies to launch e-mobility solutions in these sectors.

    Working with Indian and international institutions

    Depending on the opportunity, we can also help you start working with Indian and/or international organizations, research institutions and testing/standards organizations. This could be especially relevant for opportunities in sectors such as new types of electric vehicles, emerging battery technologies, etc.

    Partner with domain specific solution providers

    You can use EAI’s comprehensive E-mobility solution provider database to quickly identify and partner with niche technology & solution providers

    Understand government policies

    Our research team can assist you in getting a deep understanding of regional, national and international policies that can accelerate the use of e-mobility and e-mobility solutions in specific applications and markets.

    Identify key leadership talent

    EAI can use its vast national contact database of senior and top management professionals to help your company onboard the best talent to steer your new efforts.

    Critical insights from successful startups

    A dedicated team from EVNext, our e-mobility consulting division has extensively researched over 500 global e-mobility startups, their innovations and their success stories. This deep knowledge can help us provide your team with critical insights for success.

    Red flagging concerns with specific opportunities

    Avoiding a sub-optimal opportunity is as important as pursuing the right opportunity. Our consulting template has a special section allotted to analyses for areas of concern within specific opportunities.

    Why should you choose CO3 EV from EAI?

    • We provide highly specialized intelligence to your firm at an affordable price.
    • Our team’s 15 years of experience in climate technology, including electric mobility, enables you to access insights and hands-on expertise that is quite scarce in India.
    • Our team has worked across the entire EV mobility spectrum, including
    • Battery quality & standards ecosystem
    • Battery swapping business models
    • EV charging stations
    • E-mobility for micro mobility
    • Li-ion battery value chain
    • Market potential analysis across all prominent categories of electric vehicles – 2w, 3w, cars & HCVs
    • We will ensure that you have a complete understanding of the innovation ecosystem – We are networked with most of the innovative Indian startups across the e-mobility value chain. (See also our listing of India’s top 100 climate tech startups from here)
    • EAI has access to a vast network of professionals and key stakeholders.

    Prominent consulting & report clients 

    Our team has worked with central government and many state governments (Tamil Nadu, AP, Telangana, Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh), with premier institutes such as the IITs, IISc, IIMs and ISB, and specialized research organizations across the entire climate tech domain.

    About EAI

    EAI is India’s leading business catalyst for climate action – operating in clean energy, environment and sustainability sectors.

    Through our offerings in strategic & market intelligence, partnership facilitation and business promotion for clean energy and environment sectors, we contribute to India’s sustainable growth and development.

    Our thought leadership in this critical sector has been obtained through our decade plus efforts offering specialized consultancy, critical business intelligence, and in-depth research. Our reports and solutions are highly sought after by policy makers, large and small industries, and growth seeking renewable energy companies.

    Highlights of work

    13 yearsOne of the few Indian firms with over a decade of expertise in climate tech consulting and market intelligence

    10+ domainsWorked across every prominent climate tech domain

    200+ consulting assignments undertaken

    2000+ report clientsOur reports have assisted about 2500 businesses and organizations globally

    10+ Fortune 100 firmsClients include the largest corporations in the world (10+ from Fortune 100 and about 30 from Fortune 500) and small but most innovative startups

    25+ eventsOrganized and/or supported some of the largest clean energy & climate tech events, with over 25 events organized across the country

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