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Get to know about Skilancer Solar , an Indian climate tech startup, from the snapshot at the India Climate Tech 100 startups

Skilancer Solar


Intelligent robot for automatic cleaning of solar panels

  • Maximizes energy production from solar panels
  • A water-free cleaning system
  • Artificially intelligent, energy independent operation & daily cleaning of PV modules



  • Leverages technology for enhanced efficiency
  • Centrally controlled robotic cleaning system for solar plants
  • Cleaning solution for small rooftop solar systems

  • Robotics, Artificial Intelligence
  • Neeraj Kumar, Co-Founder & Director

    Manish Das, Co-Founder & GM

    EAI perspectives

    A 1 MW solar power plant could have upto about 3000 solar panels. Even if a solar power plant uses the most efficient panels available commercially, a 100 MW solar power plant will have a quarter million solar panels.

    Think about it for a moment - 250,000 solar panels to be cleaned and maintained. Unless labour is really cheap in your region, and unless this cheap labour can do a great job of cleaning (asking for too much, isn’t it?), and unless there is enough fresh water available (could need up to 1 million liters to clean a 100 MW solar power plant), alternatives are needed for cleaning solar panels for utility scale solar PV power plants. 

    Solar panel cleaning robots, especially those that do not use water, offer a compelling alternative. Your site not only avoids the cost of water, but also the infrastructure that supports it, be it tanker trucks, storage containers, hoses and piping.

    Skilancer Solar is one such startup that provides an AI/IT enabled, waterless robotic solar panel solution. We see significant potential for its offering, as India gears up towards its 500 GW renewable target - a large part of which will clearly come from utility scale solar power plants.

    Team EAI wishes Skilancer Solar the very best!

    • Robotic Cleaning of Solar Panels
    • Water-free Cleaning system of Solar panels


    Skilancer Solar


    Automated Solar Panel Cleaning Robot by Skilancer Solar

    Automatic Solar Panel Cleaning Robot From Skilancer Solar

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