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CLIMAFIX Summit 2022

Carbon Capture & Utilization

Mitigating Non-CO2 Emissions

Managing Large Carbon Sinks

Corporate Carbon Management

GHG Management Startups, Investors & Intelligence at CLIMAFIX Summit 2022

GHG Management is one of the main decarbonization themes at the CLIMAFIX Summit 2022 to be held on Nov 25 & 26, Chennai and organized by EAI and IIT Madras - Energy Consortium.

The CLIMAFIX Summit is India's largest Indian climate startup gathering, with over 250 startups from around India, 100+ investors and 300 other key stakeholders from corporate and entrepreneur sector. Know more about the summit from here.

GHG Management Insights, Innovations @ CLIMAFIX Summit 2022

GHG Management


The path to Net Zero will, in practice, involve multiple avenues.

In addition to the diverse efforts undertaken to reduce CO2 emissions through renewable energy, energy efficiency, low carbon transport etc., efforts to capture and sequester CO2 are also important if the country - and the world - needs to achieve its target of Net Zero within the intended timelines.

In fact, an IPCC report estimates that we will have to capture & sequester anywhere between 100 billion tons - 1000 billion tons of CO2 for the world to reach  1.5 degrees C state by 2100. That's a humungous amount of CO2 capture to be accomplished.

Interestingly, CO2 can be converted into many valuable products - fuels, chemicals, food and even diamonds! Such possibilities male the CO2 utilization domain an exciting one.

At the same time, carbon capture, sequestration and CO2 to value are fairly nascent fields, in need of significant innovations. Even where they involve natural carbon sinks such as forests or grasslands, there are many uncertainities, necessitating the need for innovation and entrepreneurship.

A number of Indian startups, using a range of technologies and tools, are undertaking innovative efforts in CO2 capture & sequestration field. While some of them such as Carbon Clean have achieved international acclaim, many others are on the way to commercializing their innovationsl

The Carbon Capture & Utilization sector within the CLIMAFIX Summit 2022 will have over 20 startups sharing their insights and providing brief presentations of their value propositions, in two sessions - a Panel Discssion and a Snapshot session.

In addition, we expect 75-100 delegates from this sector to include early stage cabon sequestration/management startups or entrepreneurs with the potential to found startups in future.


The CLIMAFIX Summit is India’s only conference plus discussion forum that focuses exclusively on climate tech startups, with one of the key focus sectors being Carbon Capture & Utilization.

The CLIMAFIX Summit will feature presentations, panel discussions and networking sessions with the top 100 innovative startups from the Indian climate tech sector. Carbon capture, utilization & GHG management is one of these key themes at the summit.

  • The summit provides startups, investors, entrepreneurs and corporates a powerful platform to understand the latest innovations and opportunities in the Indian carbon capture & utilization startup ecosystem.
  • Equally important, it provides all the stakeholders an effective networking forum for venture & corporate investors to identify innovative startups to invest in, or for  startups to identify investors and partners.
  • All the above can be done efficiently, all at one place, in just two days.

Session Topics : GHG Management

CO2 Capture

  • CO2 Capture Carbon capture at power plants
  • Capture of process CO2 emissions from large industries such fertilizer & steel, and breweries
  • Direct air capture
  • Liquid & solid CO2 capture materials/chemicals
  • CO2 storage


CO2 utilisation

  • Conversion of CO2 to building materials
  • CO2 to chemicals and plastics
  • CO2 to transport fuels
  • CO2 to minerals
  • Power to X
  • Catalysts & enzymes for CO2 conversion to products


Non CO2 emissions from industry & agriculture

  • Emissions leakage detection systems
  • Alternative refrigerants
  • Landfill gas management
  • Reduction of methane emissions from Oil & gas production & distribution
  • Reduction of emissions from agriculture, specifically rice & cotton cultivation
  • Managing large carbon sinks
  • Enabling corporates and other stakeholders in identifying and investing in nature based ecosystems


Corporate Carbon Management

  • Low carbon capacity development for employees and partners
  • Digital carbon management & action platform for corporates





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