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EAI offers powerful business consultancy solutions to the solar energy sector in India and worldwide:

  • SolarMango
    India’s most popular rooftop solar PV implementation guide
  • GoSolar Club
    The world’s only online community for solar energy

Simplifity, an intuitive app that can make hundreds of millions worldwide healthy and fit in a simple and fun way.

Simplifity – Fitness is indeed simple!

Sustamatic, an app that helps environment lovers keep track of their ecofriendly activities.

Sustamatic – Sustainability in a systematic way

Is it possible to inculcate sustainable habits in our children in a way they love?

Absolutely. EAI has designed the world’s first ecotainment product for children. Who Saved the World?, a set of exciting board and card games, could make millions of children learn sustainability the fun way and become sustainable adults.

Who Saved the World? – environmental education meets fun.

EAI’s Consulting Division works in focussed renewable energy sectors to deliver high value sustainable energy solutions to industries, specifically in solar and biomass energy sectors.

Our team has helped Indian companies shift from fossil fuels to sustainable energy sources. We have also helped companies make optimal investments in sustainable energy.

More on our sustainable energy consulting from EAI Consult

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