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EAI – Services & Solutions

EAI Renewable energy consulting and research

Solar, Wind, Biomass & Green Factory Consulting, Research & Reports. Consulting & Reports

Solar Mango

EAI’s dedicated division to solar power, with a focus on industrial/commercial rooftop solar. More


The Algae Company is EAI’s division with a focus on algae-based nutraceuticals. More

Cleantech 101

India’s first learning solution dedicated to teaching cleantech in its entirety as opposed to just renewable energy.More

Mobile apps

Simplifity – a sustainable health app for Android; makes fitness cool and simple

Sustamatic – environment lover? use this app to keep track of your eco-activities


Focused on creating ecotainment products for children.


World’s first museum dedicated to sustainability awareness. More

India’s largest newsletter & community on renewable energy


Business Support @ EAI

Consulting & Research

EAI provides consultancy for all the major renewable energy sectors with a major focus on Solar (PV and thermal), Wind, Bio-energy, and Energy Efficiency.

EAI offers the following services to various stakeholders in the renewable energy sector:

  • Developer/IPP Assistance
  • Assisting Industrial Consumers Go Green
  • Diversification into/within Renewable Energy
  • Market Entry for International Firms


Business Intelligence

Explore the acclaimed renewable energy research and business reports published by EAI. more

Promotions & Marketing Support

See how EAI can work with your company in taking your products to market. more

White Papers & Presentations

Download white papers and presentations from EAI on a range of renewable energy topics. more