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EAI – Services & Solutions

Business Support Consulting, Marketing Intelligence, White Papers, Business Promotion

B2B – Buy and Sell Renewable Energy assets with EAI’s support

solarmango Solar Mango – EAI’s resource centre for all your rooftop solar needs.

Clixoo- a division dedicated to teaching sustainability and environmental protection to children

Suseum-Sustainability Museum- Where you can see, touch, feel, and experience a sustainable world.

White Papers- Over 10 highly acclaimed white papers across renewable energy. Free downloads

EAI Videos – World’s largest collection of cleachtech videos, in over 50 categories

Replacing Diesel with Solar – A complete guide to installing Solar PV for back up power

Sure-Fire – A concise feasibility study by EAI for your firm’s renewable and sustainable energy strategy.

Green Jobs- a platform that provides a listing of the latest jobs available in the green and sustainable sectors

EAI 360 – Renewable energy news, views, events and more – all at one place

EAI Showcase – This section highlights the innovative projects, products, solutions, and initiatives in sustainable living from India and across the planet.

Oilgae Oilgae- Global information support resource for the algae fuels industry.


CastorOil- The one and only online resource hub for the global castor oil industry.

Clean Tick – A global online cleantech researcher’s network.

Poztz – Poztz is a solar energy news and updates network, where the updates are provided by the solar energy enthusiasts

EAI Club – The only online community for renewable energy enthusiasts.

EAI Daily - India’s largest and most popular renewable energy newsletter, delivered to over 40,000 industry professionals’ mailbox, three days a week

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Business Support @ EAI

Consulting & Research

EAI provides consultancy for all the major renewable energy sectors with a major focus on Solar (PV and thermal), Wind, Bio-energy, and Energy Efficiency.

EAI offers the following services to various stakeholders in the renewable energy sector:

  • Developer/IPP Assistance
  • Assisting Industrial Consumers Go Green
  • Diversification into/within Renewable Energy
  • Market Entry for International Firms


Business Intelligence

Explore the acclaimed renewable energy research and business reports published by EAI. more

Promotions & Marketing Support

See how EAI can work with your company in taking your products to market. more

White Papers & Presentations

Download white papers and presentations from EAI on a range of renewable energy topics. more


What’s Up @ EAI

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EAI Launches Multiple Promotion Avenues for Renewable Energy Companies

Whether Yours is a Small or Large Business, You Can Now Reach the Entire Indian Cleantech Market through EAI!
Over the past six months, many companies had been keen on promoting their products and services using EAI. We had interactions with a number of stakeholders and based on these, recently lau

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EAI Launches Specialty Consulting for Cleantech Verticals

Consulting Assistance for Attractive Cleantech Verticals with Fast Growth and Less Competition
EAI’s consulting division recently launched specialty consulting practice for 10 select emerging cleantech verticals.

The Indian and global cleantech industry is going through an interesting evolution. Wh

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EAI launches Solar Mango – Rooftop Solar Solutions for Industrial and Commercial Consumers

EAI launches Solar Mango – Rooftop Solar Solutions for Industrial and Commercial Consumers

Rooftop solar power for Indian consumers holds out many promises, but also has its share of perils. Many intensive energy consumers are interested in solar solutions, but have many questions on the kind of solar PV plant they require, the expected energy generation, the cost of going solar, etc. The

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EAI’s Report on Careers in Sustainability

EAI’s Report on Careers in Sustainability

The sustainability sector has seen tremendous growth in recent years, and it is becoming increasingly apparent that having the right person in the right job can be the key to success in this industry. As the industry is still in a nascent stage, there is a scramble for talent on the part of employer

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EAI Launches B2B

B2B is an EAI service designed to assist those wishing to buy or sell Renewable Energy Assets. These Assets could be MW scale renewable energy power plants or renewable energy machinery and component manufacturing facilities.

EAI has been receiving several enquiries for the sale or acquisition of s

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Updates from EAI

EAI 360 Largest aggregator of Indian renewable energy & cleantech news, with 40+ news items added every DAY!. more

EAI Daily India’s most read online newsletter for renewable energy. Daily updates on all the main renewable energy sectors. It’s FREE. more

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EAI Knowledge Zone Structured knowledge and insights on all key renewable energy and cleantech sectors. more