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Jonathan Perlin, CEO of the Joint Commission, Presents Urgent Case for Decarbonizing Healthcare: 9% of US Carbon Footprint Comes from the Industry

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  • Jonathan Perlin, CEO of the Joint Commission, emphasises the urgent need for the healthcare sector to reduce its carbon emissions due to climate change's exacerbation of severe weather events.
  • The healthcare industry contributes 9% to the U.S. carbon footprint, prompting calls for actionable decarbonization strategies. Perlin suggests cost-effective methods like reducing anaesthetic gas flow, which saved Kaiser Permanente $20 million, and promoting virtual services to cut down on travel.
  • The Joint Commission aims to halve its carbon footprint by 2030 and is developing new decarbonization standards for 2024. Despite potential resistance from procurement sectors, Perlin advocates for regulatory changes to support the adoption of environmentally friendly products.

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